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  • pride, lies and donuts | k. hongjoong ✔️
    115K 6.8K 28

    kim hongjoong, the school's golden boy and yoon ria, just his ordinary seat mate in every class absolutely despise each other, both are always on each others throat and never ending wars always fell upon them. what happens when one summer, they just get a chance to turn their feelings differently? genre: romcom, slice...

  • 𝗟𝗜𝗩𝗘 𝗔𝗟𝗜𝗩𝗘 | ateez
    231K 18.4K 55

    𝙡𝙤𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙨 𝙞𝙣 𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙞𝙧 𝙥𝙖𝙨𝙩 𝙡𝙞𝙫𝙚𝙨, 𝙨𝙩𝙧𝙖𝙣𝙜𝙚𝙧𝙨 𝙞𝙣 𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙞𝙧 𝙥𝙧𝙚𝙨𝙚𝙣𝙩 you've heard of their love story before-- one so beautiful, yet oh so tragic. their fate intertwines once more as the two meets, getting their lives entangled with eachother for the second time. but there is no such thi...

  • 𝗛𝗘𝗔𝗥𝗧𝗦 𝗔𝗪𝗔𝗞𝗘𝗡 | ateez ✓
    447K 31.6K 53

    𝙙𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙮 𝙥𝙡𝙖𝙮𝙨 𝙬𝙞𝙩𝙝 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙡𝙞𝙫𝙚𝙨 𝙤𝙛 𝙩𝙬𝙤 𝙙𝙞𝙛𝙛𝙚𝙧𝙚𝙣𝙩 𝙥𝙚𝙤𝙥𝙡𝙚... 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙨𝙤𝙢𝙚𝙩𝙞𝙢𝙚𝙨, 𝙙𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙮'𝙨 𝙘𝙧𝙪𝙚𝙡 imagine your life taking an unexpected turn.. and you cant even do anything about it. that was what happened between a man infamously known as hwaseong-- a general...

  • Romeo and Juliet | Kim Taehyung ✓
    383K 26.9K 22

    "Oh, Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou, Ro--" "You're not using enough emotion." "Would you like to switch roles and become Juliet instead, Taehyung? I'll gladly be Romeo if it means I get to see you in a dress." #1 in the fairytale series [FIRST RUNNER-UP ON THE FOREVER YOUNG AWARDS] Started: 03/11/2018 Finished: 03...

  • The Babysitting Contract | j.jk
    192K 12.5K 22

    ❝The only reason Kim Taehee agrees to help her sworn enemy Jeon Jeongguk babysit his younger brothers for three weeks is because of the fat paycheck that now sits in her account. It's definitely not because he's a good kisser.❞ [a jeon jeongguk fanfiction] started: 04/12/20 ended: -/-/- HR: #1 in yoongi

  • Burnt Cookies | Jung Hoseok✔️
    3.5K 254 7

    a spin-off of flowergirl. best friends to lovers au! ~~ a short story. they built sand castles together, taught each other to read, she practiced makeup on his face while he learned to braid hair just for her. they knew everything about each other, from their best traits to their worst. the quirks, the flaws, the like...

  • Flowergirl | Min Yoongi✔️
    360K 15K 39

    "come make flower crowns with us, appa!" yoongi's 5-year-old daughter won't stop talking about this lovely "flowergirl" who makes beautiful crowns for her and the other children. it sounded like some fairy tale, until yoongi met this woman himself. and then the life he lived became his own fairy tale. a soft, min yoo...

  • Wild Thoughts | Taehyung | ✓
    3.2M 166K 50

    ❝When I'm with you, Sora, all I get is wild thoughts.❞ - In which a girl gets offered a modelling contract by the owner of the notorious designer brand V, Kim Taehyung. Romance/Comedy/Drama - #SerendipityAwards 2nd in the Crystal Snow Awards Highest Ranking: - #5 in Fanfiction - #7 in Taehyung - #2 in Yoongi Reache...

  • √ ridin' | lee haechan
    435K 19.8K 37

    "let's do fun things together," -a street racer!haechan au •May 15 2020 - June 16 2020 highest ranking #1 in hyuck #1 in leehaechan #2 in nct #3 in donghyuck #3 in leedonghyuck #6 in haechan #6 in streetracer #10 in nct127 #14 in street racing #13 in nctdream

  • Band Aids || Mark Lee
    2.4M 105K 37

    - She never knew giving a boy a band aid would lead to this - Gang! Au #1 in Mark #2 in kpop Thank you guys!!

  • that boy | hwang hyunjin | ✔
    2.7M 113K 63

    Lee Chaelin avoids boys like it's her calling in life. Except for her childhood friend, Felix, she doesn't let any boys near her. Scared that the same thing as what happened to her mother will also happen to her. Despite the encouragements of her friend, she tries not to get involved with any boy or male. That is, un...

  • game over | lee felix | ✔
    301K 15K 45

    Misunderstandings are normal in life. It happens to the best of us and most of the time, they are easy to solve. But when it happens to Min Minjae, she finds herself caught in a web of lies. Suddenly, her treasured friendship with her best friend is on the line. She isn't about to give up that easily, though. Togethe...

    23.9K 2.2K 53

    spiderman au! it was weird enough for han jisung to find out that his academic rival choi haru was somehow mysteriously affiliated with an uprising criminal organization but realizing that she was also hopelessly in love with his secret spiderman persona was even crazier. started [29'10'20] ended [15'08'21] second boo...

  • unpretty
    629K 44.5K 30

    "How is it that you make me so confused?" a jung hoseok fic || completed. ⓒlittlehyungie 2017 This story is now available on the BTS universe app. Please check it out! Link:

  • curiosity kills | lee minho
    312K 18.6K 29

    Crush Series #2 in which satisfaction brought it back started: 03 january 2021 ended:

  • 𝐛𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐝. | 𝘫.𝘫𝘶𝘯𝘨𝘬𝘰𝘰𝘬
    254K 11.1K 45

    "𝐈 𝐊𝐍𝐄𝐖 𝐒𝐇𝐄 𝐖𝐀𝐒 𝐁𝐄𝐀𝐔𝐓𝐈𝐅𝐔𝐋 𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐍 𝐁𝐄𝐅𝐎𝐑𝐄 𝐈'𝐕𝐄 𝐑𝐄𝐆𝐀𝐈𝐍𝐄𝐃 𝐌𝐘 𝐄𝐘𝐄𝐒𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐓." a jeon jungkook story. © archirin 2018 [completed : Dec 2018] extra note: 𝐈 𝐖𝐑𝐎𝐓𝐄 𝐓𝐇𝐈𝐒 𝐖𝐇𝐄𝐍 𝐈 𝐖𝐀𝐒 13 𝐒𝐎 𝐈𝐓𝐒 𝐂𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐘

    Completed   Mature
  • ✓ skirt lifter | hwang hyunjin
    2.3M 113K 42

    Crush Series #1 in which a boy was wrongly accused of being a pervert started: 27 september 2020 ended: 31 december 2020 *first chapter is inspired by "say i love you" most impressive ranking: #1 in #hwanghyunjin on 23 oct 2020 #1 in #hyunjin on 30 oct 2020 #1 in#straykids on 03 nov 2020 #1 in #kpop on 07 nov 2020 #1...

  • 𝐬𝐮𝐢𝐜𝐢𝐝𝐞 𝐡𝐨𝐭𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐞. | 𝘩.𝘩𝘺𝘶𝘯𝘫𝘪𝘯
    68.3K 4K 36

    "𝐇𝐄𝐋𝐋𝐎, 𝐓𝐇𝐈𝐒 𝐈𝐒 𝐒𝐔𝐈𝐂𝐈𝐃𝐄 𝐇𝐎𝐓𝐋𝐈𝐍𝐄." a hwang hyunjin story. © archirin 2018 [completed : Nov 2018] EDITED ON JULY 2019 ✓

    Completed   Mature
  • √ 𝐸𝑓𝑓𝑒𝑟𝑣𝑒𝑠𝑐𝑒𝑛𝑡 // 𝐻𝑤𝑎𝑛𝑔 𝐻𝑦𝑢𝑛𝑗𝑖𝑛
    364K 12.3K 61

    "T-target practice? Like... with guns?" "Well... sometimes we use knives too." ﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉ 𝘌𝘧𝘧𝘦𝘳𝘷𝘦𝘴𝘤𝘦𝘯𝘵 𝘢𝘥𝘫. : 𝘷𝘪𝘷𝘢𝘤𝘪𝘰𝘶𝘴, 𝘴𝘱𝘢𝘳𝘬𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘨 ,, 𝘢 𝘴𝘬𝘻 𝘮𝘢𝘧𝘪𝘢 𝘧𝘢𝘯𝘧𝘪𝘤 - 𝘴𝘵𝘢𝘳𝘵𝘦𝘥: 𝘮𝘢𝘳𝘤𝘩 2020 -𝘧𝘪𝘯𝘪𝘴𝘩𝘦𝘥: 𝘢𝘶𝘨𝘶𝘴𝘵 2023 -𝘩𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘦𝘴𝘵 𝘳𝘢𝘯𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘴: [#1 i...