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  • Avengers: Endgame (Loki X Jamie & Bucky X Reader)
    48K 1.1K 36

    Five, long years. That's how long it's been since half the universe was wiped out. Jamie's dreams of Loki progress every night, Y/N hasn't been herself since Bucky died, and Thanos may be dead, but that doesn't help the heartache. But when Ant-Man returns from the Quantum Realm, he tells the remaining Avengers of how...

  • Captain America: Civil War (Bucky X Reader)
    323K 6.2K 44

    It has been two years since the events of the Winter Soldier. Y/N has been looking out for Bucky, even though he tries to stay away to keep her safe. Then when an enemy, Zemo, comes in and uses Bucky to start a Civil War between the heroes, will Y/N be able to help prevent more loss? P.S. Regardless of what side you a...

  • Infinity War (Loki X Jamie & Bucky X Reader)
    64.9K 1.5K 31

    Thanos is here. And he's not alone or going down without a fight. He needs all six Infinity Stones to kill half the universe. He and his children need to be stopped, but at what cost?

  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Bucky X Reader)
    394K 9.5K 44

    After fighting off the invasion that nearly took New York, Steve's been trying to adjust to this new life he has to live. Along the way, he finds out his sister, Y/N, was found and is alive. When they see each other again, it's crazy. Then they find out HYDRA has taken over SHIELD. What will happen when they also run...

  • Captain America (Bucky X Reader)
    391K 11.4K 45

    Steve and Y/N Rogers have always wanted to join the army, but their health issues always seemed to get in the way. Even though they lied on their enlisting forms are rejected, they continue to enroll. Bucky, their best friend, doesn't think that they should because there are other jobs than fighting. And even though Y...