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  • The Psychic of Ouran | Ouran High School Host Club Saiki K Crossover |
    1.2M 61.8K 112

    Ouran High School is a well-known school in Japan, a school for the rich, the powerful and the intelligent. Though one fateful day Ouran's principal and administration agree to open up a new program-a baking program-with this new fact gives an instant spark upon Saiki's sweet tooth. As he works his way up into Ouran P...

  • The Romani of Night Raven
    307K 12.3K 67

    Ezera Hearn is a young Romani (lit: gypsy) boy, who since loosing his parents to sickness when still young, has been forced to live and survive all alone on the cold streets of the city of Notre. While on good days, he manages to make enough money from his performances, singing and dancing, and telling fortunes. But o...

  • ice cold [twisted wonderland x ice king! male reader]
    618K 29.5K 61

    A direct descendant of the Queen of Ice. His gaze that could literally make you freeze on the spot and his habit of obliviously attracting unwanted love interests from all over his surrounding. Will poor, dense, and actually child-like Ice King ever get the rest he deserves? (based on Evil Elsa the Ice Queen AU)

  • A Poisonous Butterfly || Roxana Agriche × Twisted Wonderland
    27K 1.1K 8

    Roxana Agriche. She belongs to a twisted and corrupted household known for their villainous deeds. One day, she gets transported to the world of Twisted Wonderland. What will happen to her on her journey? Read this to find out. Roxana Agriche × Twisted Wonderland ------------------------------ Roxana Agriche is not m...

    16.5K 596 5

    Under this pressure, under this weight. We are diamonds. TWISTED WONDERLAND X HOUSEKI NO KUNI TWISTED WONDERLAND IS OWNED BY DISNEY JAPAN AND YANA TOBOSO HOUSEKI NO KUNI IS OWNED BY HARUKO ICHIKAWA Nothing, from pictures to characters belong to me! Cover is by easermic on tumblr!

  • Twisted Wonderland Fanart
    322K 4.7K 78

    this is usually x mc fanart to satisfy my lonely butt. just a book of my fav fanart i found. the art doesn't belong to me, and the credits go to their original artists.

  • She's Not From Here {Various Twisted Wonderland x MILF! Reader}
    8.7K 325 3

    "What are you looking at, boy?" "A-agh! Sorry! I-I-" "You act like you've never seen a milf before. I don't blame you though doll. Now get to class." "Yes Mo- I MEAN, MA'AM!" ----- Twisted Wonderland does not belong to me in any form or shape, this is for entertainment only. Still, I'd appreciate it if you don't steal...

  • The Romani of Night Raven Events
    12.2K 334 5

    Basically an extra/companion story featuring the events of Twisted Wonderland, with my OC/MC based on Esmeralda from Hunchback of Notre Dame, Ezera Hearn of my fanfiction story: The Romani of Night Raven. Link to original story: AN: Now featuring fanart...