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  • The Gathering: The New Order of Merlin Book 1
    35.2K 3.5K 126

    In a world of magic and myth, everybody's got a secret or two. An immortal sorcerer, Merlin, pretends to be a child to become Harry Potter's secret guardian. Magical twins, Jack and Elsa, fearful of their heartless mother, the Queen of Winter, pretend to be human and hide out at Hogwarts. An enchanted diary pretend...

  • Cursed: The New Order of Merlin Book 2
    4.3K 443 19

    Hogwarts Founders left behind a secret that was never meant to be cracked, for it could bring about the end of the school. Merlin needs to deal with his dragon emergency without hurting his mission to protect Harry Potter from the murderous Sirius Black. The twins need to face the fallout of past choices to heal their...

  • Gryffindor at Heart | Little Mermaid - Harry Potter crossover
    387 25 2

    Eric thought that getting to know Ariel, the mute girl, would be his biggest challenge today. He forgot to consider the creatures living in The Black Lake. It takes more than the sorting ceremony to prove that you're a True Gryffindor. *** Winner of Disney Characters Go To Hogwarts Contest held by WattpadPotterverse a...

  • Tales from the attic (Quibbler article)
    134 11 3

    What really happened to Doxy Gulbadox and her excessive sweating? Sources say this enchanted mirror is capable of reflecting your most desperate desires, but woe to those who manage to find it. * This story is an excerpt from The Gathering: The New Order of Merlin Book 1. Enjoy!

  • The Well of Youth
    580 48 5

    Robbed of her divine powers and secluded within her mountain, Beira, the ancient Queen of Winter, will do the unspeakable to exact her justice, even if she has to employ the help of hags and doom her own children in the process. But as she gains strength, so do her children. * * * * * The Well of Youth is a...

  • Hogwarts Prank Club | young Remus Lupin fanfic
    1.5K 141 8

    Remus Lupin, a young, shy werewolf, must win a pranking competition to earn his place among the wizard children. A lighthearted tale of building friendship and confidence while having fun. Who will become the Prank King? * Winner of Wizard Prank Wars contest hosted by @WattpadPotterverse and featured in their Mischi...

  • Wizarding World Wonders - Short Stories
    162 28 3

    Collection of short stories exploring the less-travelled parts of the Harry Potter world. 1. Olivander's First Apprentice - What does it take to become a wandmaker? * Winner of AimToEngage2019 WattpadPotterverse entry. * 2. A Very Elven Christmas Limerick * Winner of Winter Festivals at Hogwarts contest (2019). * ...

  • The Beast of Knockturn Alley
    397 32 5

    When his chains fail, Remus Lupin must step out of his comfort zone and face the beast within. Will an encounter with other werewolves save him or damn him further? Broken Chains don't always equal freedom. To teenage Remus Lupin, they represent a lost battle with his Beast. * Fun trivia that you probably wouldn'...

  • The Beast of Gevaudan
    130 14 1

    Adorable werewolf pups fight for the best side of the den and hear the story of the beast that lurks in the woods. They're not scared of a silly old legend! But what's that sound? *** Check out The Beast of Knockturn Alley to see these pups all grown up. Originally written for Halloween Vault 2 challenge.