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  • Euphoria
    98.8K 4.4K 32

    "Look at me" He caresses my chin "Look into my eyes and see the truth, don't shy away from me, face my feelings and accept them. You already know." He breathes out. "You already know how much I love you" - -∞--∞--∞ A story about a girl who dreams of a man. A vampire king who visits a beautiful girl in her dreams. W...

    Completed   Mature
  • Handcuffed During The Holidays
    576K 31.6K 47

    Anthony Deangelo is a computer programmer, game programmer, game developer, game designer, Manga writer, Artist, and Anime Creator. He's a Nerd, hopeless romantic also. He lives alone and goes into his own little world while working on his ideas. His family does things for the holidays in the family cabin up North. T...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Royal Betrayal
    596K 27.5K 32

    Tanya Clarkson 21 year old African American woman moved to Dublin, Ireland to get away from her family after her parents died in a plane crash, she met Cedric Baltimore and fell head over heels, now living in the countryside or Dublin, with her 2 year old daughter Chloe, and her fiance always on business trips, only t...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Sun and it's Darkness (Completed)
    476K 20.5K 25

    "Mommy am I your child?" My mom looked down and chuckled at me. "Of course you are Theo." She said continuing to cut the vegetables that I hated. "Then why do we have different skin?" I blurted. I was five at the time and I didn't know any better. "Who said that?" She asked looking at me concerned. She knew I would...

    Completed   Mature
  • Converting The Rich Boy
    613K 22.7K 33

    "I can't be with you." I whispered, tracing my hands down his arm. The blank stare he gave me was clear that he was trying to stay strong. He hated showing his feelings and I knew that he did. "Why?" His deep voice cracked. The French accent I grew to love seemed as if it had faded along with his emotions. "We don't...