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  • Answers for my fanfics
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    Ask me about any of my fanfics and I'll answer here, you can ask in the comments of this story, just say what story you're talking about or you can pm! If you don't want me to put your user name just tell me and I won't tag you in the answer but I will message you when it's up. You can ask as many questions as you lik...

  • Apocalypse Love
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    REWRITTEN Life was never easy for Y/n Knight, but it got better until things got worse. The dead began to rise and eat the living, her and her siblings would face a new world together, but through the bad and the cannibalism she'd find a man who understood what she went through better than most, and together they woul...

  • A Galway runner and a Kentucky cop
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    She turns around and goes to greet his family real fast before getting out of there, but she's only facing them a second before there's a gun in her face- Gasps ring out, Y/n holds her hands up somewhat sarcastically and stares the man right in the face. Rick comes over and grabs the mans arm "Shane? What are you doin...