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  • Newbie Support Group [On Hiatus]
    2.1K 146 26

    Want your work viewed on Wattpad? Look no further! Adding your name to the list is super easy! Please visit rules inside.

  • Advertise!
    8.9K 497 8

    Hi there! Do you want to get more followers? Have you published a new books you want reads and votes for? Do you make book covers or edit others work and want to advertise yourself? Then you've found the right book! In this book, you can comment if you want to do r4r, v4v, c4c, f4f, general advertising, advertise bo...

  • The Lazy Awards
    11.4K 783 28

    OPEN[✖] JUDGING [✖] CLOSED [✔] 💛Hey there!💛 🖤Do you want to be recognized on Wattpad? Well you have come to the right place!🖤 ⭐Here at The Lazy Awards you and your book stand a chance to win various prizes and meet new friends⭐ ⚫So what are you waiting for? Enter now and have fun!⚫ ⚡We will see you in our awards~⚡

  • The Book Nerd Awards 2020 (Cancelled)
    2.7K 162 8

    Awards for underrated writers. We do all genres from Romance to Humour to Teen Fiction. If you think you are not getting any attention then why not give these awards a go?

  • (CLOSED) The Eonia Awards 2020
    5K 325 12

    (NOW CLOSED) wait for next season's Awards! Are you tired of your story going unnoticed? Tired of writing into the void? Tired of only getting a few reads for all of your efforts? Well, the first-ever edition of ✨ the Eonia Awards ✨ is here to change that. With amazing prizes and almost every genre accepted, your stor...