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  • Marshall Mathers: Short Stories
    54.7K 959 10

    I thought starting off with short stories rather than multi-chapters would be easier. I might do longer stories if this ever works out, but in the meantime enjoy these fragments of my imagination x.

  • Cinderella Man || An Eminem Fanfiction
    199K 6K 56

    ****Story is currently on hold untill further notice**** Chelsea is a soon to be 40 year old divorcee of 4 years. Whom according to her best friend is boring as hell. She doesn't understand her problem, Chelsea has a successful career as a magazine editor, is fit for her age and owns her own house, car and a very att...

  • Pimp like me (Eminem fanfic)
    74.5K 1.4K 43

    Vivienne cared fuck all about hollywood and celebrity life. Marshall didnt have the best manners and he gets what he wants. Wild child. The hottest, most explosive and crazy romance that you ever heard of.

  • Caught in a Chase
    103K 4.4K 60

    Marshall Mathers is asked to check out a fan fiction story by a friend worried he's being sold out again. Instead he catches himself wondering what the author is like in real life and eventually decides to find her. Does life really imitate art and lead to love?

    Completed   Mature
  • Under the Influence
    71.5K 2.3K 35

    Cassie Rosario is a confident, career driven 27 year-old with major commitment issues. After meeting Eminem her beliefs are shook up and she no longer knows what she wants. Their connection is obvious and genuine, and that scares her. Beginning in early 2000 when Marshall's career is starting to blow up, pressure is p...