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  • The Wandering God
    345K 34.6K 135

    *FEATURED* Ao is a wrathful, ravenous former god trapped in a human body and sentenced to roam the Inner Empire for all eternity. Eternity is rather dull, until she meets a green-eyed prince and his friends. The prince offers her a deal; help him and she can get revenge on the ones who stripped her of her godhood. So...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Bane of Light
    522K 12.9K 70

    Eulalia O Fontaine had been plagued with misfortune since the day she was born, her life having a fecundity for consistent unrest and everything nefarious. Being the first ever Shadow Witch in her long family line of Light Practitioning Mages, she had a particular belief that Fate was out to get her. Considering her r...