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  • A Marriage of Convenience
    115K 4.6K 21

    "Maybe you should relish the pieces of yourself you have got. Maybe we should salvage them. Together." Uchiha Sasuke has looked for redemption but he hasn't found peace. On a mad whim, he decides to honor an old blood contract, which means marrying the Hyuga Princess. He's survived hell. How hard can marriage be? Cove...

  • The Heir and The Heiress
    236K 7.5K 48

    This story takes place after the Fourth Great Shinobi World War and everyone is struggling to find their place and purpose in this new era of the ninja. Naruto and all his friends are growing older and romances are blossoming everywhere. But what does the future hold for the only heir to the Uchiha Clan Legacy, and th...