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  • Phoebe Palomino
    3.1K 162 11

    The Quiet One. For the longest time, Phoebe Palomino has always been the less known Palomino due to her quiet nature. Tired of being put last to her ten siblings, Phoebe is ready to stand up and show herself. Will she be able to handle the newfound attention?

  • Irina Palomino
    3.1K 152 12

    The Wannabe. Years of being the Harmony copycat and the rude sister has taken a toll of the youngest Palomino. Can this twenty one year old find her place in the world while on top of her game?

  • Criminal Mind
    7.6K 286 19

    Maluma spin off. Valentine is a Criminal Mind.

  • Power ◆Chris Evans◆
    24.7K 668 25

    I've got that power, power, power with you here I've got that power, power, power with you here It's so electric, baby, what you do to me I've got that power, power, power with you here ◆

  • New Beginnings
    32.9K 1.5K 29

    Mi Reina sequel. If you had the chance to start over, would you?

  • Stay *Sequel to Luxe*
    14.3K 809 29

    Everyone knows my name, everyone knows my story but no one knows my feelings.

  • Adriana Palomino
    12.7K 490 25

    The Polished One. Ending a two year relationship while being a top model is not easy. Living the life infront of cameras comes with its issues. Will Adriana be able to find love while at her prime?

  • Harmony Palomino
    62.1K 1.6K 40

    The Diva. Soon to be divorced from footballer Neymar Jr and mother of his two daughters. Can she fight for their marriage or should she Palomino up and move on?

  • Elle Lex
    62.6K 2.6K 58

    Sequel to Maluma.

  • Nia (Discontinued)
    7.1K 331 13

    Nia Phoenix. America's sweetheart.

  • You and I ◆Harry Styles◆
    230K 4.7K 78

    I'm engaged to Harry Styles. I'm the mother of his child. We are engaged and expecting a second child. Now it's time to reveal it all.

  • L U X E
    208K 5.8K 84

    Luxe Dia-Lopez, the only child of Jennifer Lopez and potentially Sean 'Diddy' Combs. I'm 24 and living the high life. My net worth is currently at 100 million due to my blooming business and many collaborations that I do. I am the founder of Luxe-Dia Cosmetics, the face of Quay as well as being a youtuber and singer...

    256K 6.8K 80

    It's hard being the IT couple. We are viewed as the representation of the other, I represent him and he represents me. I get drunk on a night out and suddenly we are portrayed as having alcohol addictions. I love him, he loves me. Fame wants him, fame wants me. He's Maluma and I am Elle.

  • Mi Reina
    334K 9.3K 89

    I'm the blonde one. The controversial one. And I previously dated J Balvin.