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  • LIGHTHOUSE // a harry styles au
    24.7K 1.3K 11

    From an intern running coffee while still in school, to second in command at one of the best realty companies in London - Lighthouse Real Estate had become a huge part of your life. It allowed you to work for yourself in every sense, and afforded you the luxury of a nice apartment in center city. Your home was your sa...

    Completed   Mature
  • Jamaica Me Happy // HS
    56.2K 1.1K 7

    A friends to lovers story featuring Jamaica H // MATURE CONTENT You could feel his eyes on you, warming your skin more than the sun that was about to start setting. You always knew when he was looking at you, it was like your skin could sense it and immediately sent a signal to your heart to skip a few beats.

    Completed   Mature
  • Close Quarters / hs
    12.8K 287 6

    That was the paradox of your relationship: you were either together constantly or half a world apart. The time you'd spent together was purely by chance, during a year that upended plans and set down haphazard coincidences in their place. A series of vignettes about an unexpected connection during an unexpected year.

    Completed   Mature
  • Smooth Operator
    10.5K 384 8

    Brielle Flores was exhausted. Exhausted wasn't even the word anymore. What would be the word for being so overworked, lonely, and horny, all at the same time? Excruciating? Sure, that works. Her job was grueling, but she loved it. She worked hard for it. After years of schooling and months applying to positions she...

  • Off The Wall // H.S.
    6.9K 335 14

    In the summer of 2008, Rylie Hudson receives a last-ditch opportunity to be the videographer for an up-and-coming punk band named Two Ghosts as they embark on their very first Vans Warped Tour. Just happy to have a job, and a means to see at least some of the world, Rylie is ready to roll with the punches and make the...

  • fade in, fade out [h.s.]
    12.7K 685 12

    From the first moment Nora Priestley met Harry Styles, she knew that they were never destined to be friends. Coming from two separate worlds is putting it far too lightly-considering Harry's family owned a massive real estate empire and Nora and her mother were otherwise known as the help. Working hard to get what she...

    24.8K 984 19

    Sometimes, love can feel like it's everything. And sometimes, we hope it can be.

    Completed   Mature
  • Stir Me Up [h.s.]
    6.6K 363 6

    Harry Styles doesn't know much, but he does know two things. He knows that there's not many things a good cocktail can't fix, and he also knows that he can't stop thinking about the blonde-haired girl who he shamelessly flirts with during his shift every Friday evening. Willa Tillerson might know too much, to be fair...

    Completed   Mature
  • You Feel Like Home [h.s.]
    18K 1.1K 9

    Ryan Walden, serial mover, children's toy enthusiast, and overall socially awkward twenty-seven year old, is completely content with being alone. Quarantining in her brand new flat will be nothing short of bearable for her, considering the only thing she needs to keep herself busy is her new job and her kitten, Luna. ...

  • The First // A Harry Styles au
    1K 43 1

    ONE SHOT - An idea slowly developed from the lyrics for She: He has a vivid imagination - she bought the house next door. But when his thoughts bring her knocking, what will happen?

    Completed   Mature
  • Three Rules // A Harry Styles Au
    7K 220 4

    READER INSERT // lifeguard!harry You're in love with your best friend, he has no idea, and there are plenty of complications in your way.

    Completed   Mature
  • Noir
    32.9K 881 16

    Maddox West, L.A. based art dealer, lives a rather mundane, career-driven life. However, work is a lot more interesting when she takes on superstar Harry Styles as a client. Never mix business with pleasure, they said. But they never met Harry. **Noir is currently on indefinite hiatus**

  • Love Always, Harry
    7.6K 452 7

    Holmes Chapel, 1985: Best friends since childhood, Harry and Thea have grown up to lead lives on opposite ends of the spectrum. He's a journalist for Rolling Stone, always country-hopping and eagerly awaiting the next big thing. She's been a waitress at the diner in their hometown for five years, bound by routine. The...

  • Background Noise [HS]
    300K 12.8K 37

    Violet falls infatuated with a man by the stage name of Styles. He wears black jeans and battered boots always, rotating between t-shirts and frilly shirts. He has the unsteadiest of hands, for he puts everything he has into hitting the high notes and less into breathing. He is the embodiment of everything a singer sh...

  • Blurred Lines // h.s.
    52.2K 1.1K 10

    "You've worn makeup plenty," you said. "Haven't they ever taken it off you before?" "Not like this," he murmured. Your wrists tickled his nose and he hardly dared to breathe in case it threw off the tender, careful way you were touching him. "There we go," you cooed. "That's much better." "Can I open?" "Not yet. Just...

    Completed   Mature
  • Goldie | H.S.
    1M 37.6K 41

    Taking place in the summer of 1978, the story follows 18-year-old aspiring music journalist, nicknamed Goldie, tasked with following up-and-coming UK rock band - The Orphans - while they do their first tour of the U.S. New to life on the road, Goldie befriends Orphan's front man Harry Styles, a handsome narcissist wit...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tying You To Me
    15K 326 16

    Quinn Roberts' life isn't perfect but it's pretty damn close. She's living her dream as an SNL intern, only to be swept off her feet by Harry Styles. As the years pass by and Quinn and Harry experience ups and downs - together and apart - they can always count on the halls of Studio 8H to bring them back together.

  • Trick of the Light
    2K 128 10

    "It's not that simple." He shook his head. He knew. None of it had been simple, except for the way her smile lit him up from the inside. The way her touch ignited every nerve in his body. If he was really, truly honest with himself, loving her was the simplest thing he'd ever done. It was like breathing. But their cir...