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  • Own Me, Save Me: Body, Heart & Soul (A Werewolf Story)
    3.7K 173 6

    (Male Omega and Female Alpha couple) Sajal, a rare female Alpha in a world dominated by males, and her journey to seduce her mate. Noah has issues, he knows that, but that doesn't stop him from wishing. His social anxiety leaves him a stuttering mess in front of others but that doesn't mean he doesn't wish for friends...

  • "Strip, my slave "
    81.9K 590 4

    Strip, my slave" I said in a slow dark tone. Then proceeded to whip him again. This time he moaned. "NOW" I growled. He quickly stripped down to nothing, leaving only bare skin for me to create new marks. A fresh canvas. Cala is the best domnatrix in town,Best known for her controlling demeanor and creative punis...

  • He and The She Devil
    72.9K 1.4K 23

    "Please let me go. Please I won't tell anyone please. let go of me, please." He begged crying hard. I could tell that he was scared to death. I could smell his fear from a mile away. He looked more beautiful and cute with tear stained face. Awwwww... I squealed internally.

  • The criminal's alpha
    6.2K 269 40

    "NOW!" I yelled into my radio after I set everything up, the big rig left the garage of the tall building and the driver floored it down the street, cops on their tail. 'Let's hope this works' I thought as they reached the bridge. "BOSS! YOU SEE US?!" Johnny, the driver of the truck, yelled over the radio as he got o...

  • Begging To Please
    15.7K 635 26

    In which the savage prince of the Erinzer Kingdom fell madly in love like a love sick puppy with the manipulative ice queen.

  • Queen of the Ashes
    7.4K 390 30

    BOOK ONE ∘∗∾⋄❆⋄∾∗∘ Raksasha is a shapeshifting demon, drifting through an agonizing afterlife of karma, searching for something that could end her misery. Ethan is a man in his mid-twenties that does whatever it takes to convince the world, and most of all himself, that life is a beautiful thing. What happens when t...

    Completed   Mature
  • I've got you
    13.4K 554 7

    Excerpt: "Please promise me that you won't ever leave." Evergreen pupils framed by golden lashes peeked up at me, pleading, desperate, begging- almost afraid. "Why are you so scared, sweetheart?" I questioned, stroking his soft, rosy cheek. "Because I'm falling for you too fast." Plump lips quivering slightly, he keen...

  • Fantasy
    72.3K 1.7K 18

    Read it, or don't!! On hiatus currently.

  • Call Me Mommy | BTS ✔️
    182K 4.4K 14

    [dominate female reader] ... You should not read this, you have been warned ... Started: 5/07/2018

    Completed   Mature
  • The Curiosity of Ms.Briar
    37.2K 362 8

    "Are you embarrassed, Mr. Caito Bello? Have I made you frustrated?" He swallowed and she leaned close, her breath hot against his ear, "Then it's only right I correct my mistake, right?" He held his breath as she dropped to her knees and lowered his pants, his eight inch partner, springing free. She didn't hesitate to...

  • The Twins Submissive
    60.1K 926 5

    Aiden and Ethan Winburgh. Identical twins who have never been separated for long since birth, they share almost everything with each other, lies, secret, and Her. Victoria Damesmith is the twins childhood friend and the only one who knows their secret. And the only one who can handle their darker sides. Those two cann...

  • Her Submissive
    73.7K 1.2K 9

    Jason Benitez has just moved out from his parents' house to a far away town to live on his own. His life seems to be going well, but there is something missing. He has always felt lonely, and he never feels like he is good enough to be in a relationship. That, until he meets Catherine Dominic, a stunning woman who cat...