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  • The Wizard of Edolas
    984 51 11

    Juvia is a young girl who feels that no one is ever there for her except for her loyal cat Frosch and she wishes that she could go somewhere far off place. She is then whisked away from her farm on Magnolia to the strange but magical world of Edolas. Desperate to get back home she searches for a powerful wizard with t...

  • Fairy Tail in Grimm's Fairy Tales
    3.3K 121 16

    Fairy tail characters being used to re tell five Classic fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm but these are underated fairy tales that you may or may not be familiar with. These were fairy tales I grew up with alongside the more familiar ones but I think they're very underated, very wonderful, and should be enjoyed more.

  • The Sinners and Their Saints
    259 2 17

    In 1826 the tragic losses of their loved ones, caused three young men to discover an inner darkness inside of them and were wrongly punished for it by the fears of ignorant humans. A hundred years later in 1926 they awake in a new world and find themselves making the most unlikely alliances with three young women. A...