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  • Solar Eclipse (TodoBakuDeku)
    32.3K 1.3K 14

    🌙Twilight AU🌙 Moving in with his father after no contact in years was not how Izuku imagined his junior year of high school. Moving across the country to live with said father was also not something he was thrilled about. Meeting two boys that flip his entire world on its axis was the cherry on top to the unexpected...

  • Deliver Us (TodoBakuDeku)
    47.6K 2.6K 14

    ON HOLD Izuku, age twenty five, was living his deliciously normal life. Something he didn't get a lot of in his childhood. Well it was normal, until he received a mysterious letter from his childhood friends he hadn't heard from in years. Inside were two syfi looking computer chips. That and a single order, "Deliver...

  • Wanna Join a Band? (TodoBakuDeku)
    699K 31.6K 32

    Izuku Midoriya was a college student, just trying to get his teaching degree. He had been living in the sam duplex house for a year now and hadn't had any problems with the elderly woman who lived below him. She was a quiet and lovely neighbor. Until she died. Sike, I'm not that terrible guys. She just got put into...

  • Mending the Battle Wounds (TodoBakuDeku)
    760K 33.2K 47

    ~Villain outreach program makes a comeback bros~ ~TodoBakuDeku~ ~Villain AU~ ~Second Year~ When the League of Villains gets captured by pros, they whole world finds out just how young the members are. Most, not all, of the pros and authorities don't want to put the teenagers in prison, so they offer an alternative. G...

  • Just for the Summer (TodoBakuDeku)
    696K 26.4K 30

    •Rankings• #1 in todobakudeku #1 in tododeku #1 in myheroacademia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Izuku Midoriya get's stuck in the UA dorms over summer break. His mother was going on a long term trip with her best friend of many years, Mitsuki Bakugou. That also meant, he'd be stuck with Kacchan all summer. To add fuel to t...