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  • Love |Eijun x Miyuki|
    10.5K 337 17

    There was something about catching his pitches that just... took my breath away; they made me feel happy. The same goes for anything he does, like the reactions I get after annoying and ridiculing him, to when he's just plain smiling. It's almost as if I was in love with him. Pft, yeah right. There's no way I'm crushi...

  • Closer Than We've Ever Been Before (A MiyuSawa Fic)
    2K 69 3

    MiyuSawa zombie apocalypse AU!!

  • It's Too Late Now... (MiyuSawa Oneshot)
    1.4K 44 1

    WARNING: ANGST It's been years since Sawamura has graduated high school, but his regrets still linger. And one of them is not confessing to Miyuki Kazuya, his catcher and the reason he went to Seido in the first place. One night, Haruichi texts Sawamura about Coach Kataoka's retirement party, and he mentions about Miy...

  • Come Back Home (MiyuSawa Fanfic)
    2.6K 52 3

    Miyuki Kazuya? Transferring too Inashiro? Impossible, right? Or is it. . .? Ever since Miyuki was promoted captain of Seido's baseball team, he's been acting very strange. Sluggish during practice, barely eating, and crying infront of Sawamura. This worries the pitcher, so one day after practice, Sawamura decides to s...

  • 6 Reasons Why he can't be mine
    8.4K 223 8

    I'm his but he could never be mine Why? Here's the reason why, I Sawamura Eijun, can't have Miyuki Kazuya

  • Why I hate him
    14.6K 394 17

    I hate him.... I couldn't possibly hate someone as much as I hate him... Why?... Here's the reason why

  • Possession (MiyuSawa Oneshot)
    4.9K 133 2

    During a game against Inashiro, Sawamura gets startled while in the middle of pitching to Narumiya, and when Narumiya charges towards the mound and punches Sawamura, who knows what Miyuki will do?

  • MiyuSawa - Trust Me (ON HOLD)
    3.4K 106 4

    If you were suddenly hit with news that was overwhelmingly hopeless, would you be able to accept it? Now put that together with a confession. Is that any better? But, hey, that isn't all, because your choices don't matter. He just won't listen.

  • Please Remember Me
    3.4K 83 7

    A Fan Fiction of Miyuki Kazuya X Sawamura Eijun [Diamond no Ace] All the memories of the past have been forgotten because an accident made Sawamura goes Amnesia. Miyuki his childhood friend met him again at Highschool. But he has forgotten all of his memories with Miyuki. And Miyuki's weird behaviours make Sawamura tr...

  • Why Can't I Catch For You?
    38.7K 1.2K 16

    Miyuki has been jealous lately that Sawamura had been hanging out with other catchers, mainly Koushuu. Kuramochi keeps claiming that Sawamura always looks at the captain, but Miyuki doesn't believe it. Meanwhile, Sawamura is super jealous and pissed whenever he sees Miyuki catching Furuya's pitches. He always makes a...

    Completed   Mature