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  • We're Stronger Together
    7.5K 214 5

    Recently life in Mystic Falls has been quite chaotic. With monsters attacking the Boarding School and typical teenage dramas to deal with, Hope and Josie barely have any time to process. So maybe they help each other... Maybe they realise that they'll be better facing everything together than alone?

  • Talking To The Moon // Hosie
    15.8K 483 12

    Josie will have to kiss Hope to siphon her powers and save the school from a new monster. Since this kiss everything changed. best rankings i had: #374/64.4k -hope #93/3.13k -legacies #418/4.36k -mikaelson #22/753 -josie #6/153 -hosie

  • High school love
    64.6K 1.5K 25

    A story about Josie Saltzman and Hope Mikaelson falling for love with each other more everyday Completed but sequel is now available.

  • I Thought I Knew (Hosie)
    70.3K 2K 25

    Josie sighed in frustration seeing the girls retreating form. " Hope why are you backing away from me?" Hope shook her head, before moving slightly getting ready to turn around and run into the forest. " Your not leaving me!! Your not leaving me!!" Josie cried out in outrage. Hope shook her head " You won't be al...

  • Faking It ➡️ Kaylee Bryant
    29.1K 990 28

    Nash Somerhalder is the most eligible person to date in Hollywood but she doesn't date. She was casted in the new show Legacies to play Tucker Donovan, a newly turned Vampire. Nash's character and Kaylee's character are pair together as love interests. When a picture of them gets leaked, the internet goes into a frenz...

  • Hosie
    28.1K 647 33

    This story is about two girls didn't know they like each other and they find out. And some stuff gets in the way.

    Completed   Mature
  • Her
    2.2K 87 3

    Hope and Josie are best friends but its gonna get wild

  • aeonian four
    5.9K 174 17

    in life we're destined to meet two people in our life, one is our great love second is our true love hosie/posie au *based on asian drama hana yori dango*

  • I think I'll Manage
    19K 752 25

    The love story of Hope and Josie. (Story starts off as a slow burn. Mostly from Hopes point of view)

  • Where We Belong
    35.5K 993 13