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  • The Ghostbird Job
    65.7K 4.2K 29

    Living with the Leverage crew was the best thing that ever happened to Sang Sorenson. They took down her father, saved her from her step-monster, and gave her a real family. But what will happen when, on one of their cases, they run into the Toma Team who takes a special interest in Sang?

  • You Again
    145K 6.9K 38

    After the Ashley Waters mission, the Blackbourne Team and Sang were planning on spending time together. When an important mission comes up, they leave Sang with promises of returning, but they didn't. They left Sang and broke off all communications with them, leaving her heartbroken. Three years later, Sang is back...

  • Sang Baby's Baby
    34.3K 1.4K 13

    What happens when the team of 10 gains another member, or two? All of these characters belong to C.L. Stone. This is just a story that I'm making up for fun. Enjoy, hope y'all like it!

  • Yours Forever, Dragonfly.
    262K 15K 32

    The Blackbourne-Toma team have been following lead after lead and have finally found themselves in Seattle. Will the lovely S help them find what their looking for? Has been thoroughly edited! Mature content ahead, you have been warned. I am not profiting off of any clstone characters or academy plot.

    Completed   Mature
  • Lost Bird
    65.9K 4.6K 24

    Sang Sorenson and Axel Toma spent most of their lives together. They were planning to run away together when Sang turned eighteen. Unfortunately, things didn't go the way they planned, but Sang was determined to stick by Axel's side through it all. That is, until he suddenly disappears. Sang eventually recover...

  • Flutter by.
    204K 9.5K 47

    in a alternate story where sang and the boys dont meet up . where sang breaks free from her cage and finds her own way to live .where she finds her true self. where sang meets the guys on her own accord . watch as she takes the guys by storm as she flutters by. i dont own any of the ghost bird series nor am the righ...

  • Wherever The River May Run.
    77.6K 4.2K 12

    What if the day North was drugged at the party, he and Sang had got intimate. However, in the morning he doesn't remember and Sang doesn't say anything to anyone. A few weeks later, she finds out she's pregnant and when they all question her who's the father, screaming and growling- in the case of North-she is hurt a...

  • Ghost Bird- Russian
    92.2K 4.5K 9

    Sang Sorenson is not the shy dependent girl we have read about. Now she is a part of the Russian Academy sent to help the Toma and Blackbourne teams with her unique skills. She's also pretty confident.... This will be a HEA with all 14 academy guys. This story is a fan-fiction of CL Stone's Ghost Bird series and Sca...

  • All Alone (Book 1)(All 14)
    374K 19K 84

    Sang Sorenson has been alone for most of her life, that is until she moves to South Carolina and attends Ashley Waters where she meets fourteen boys and her life was changed drastically. She does her best to keep up with them while also trying to avoid her abusive mother, spiteful step sister, and a father who is neve...