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  • Lords of the Underworld [malexmale]
    3.3M 137K 41

    [Book 12] A war is coming. The very fate of our universe is at stake. If they fail, we're doomed. If they succeed, whoopdee-friggin'-doo. Or so Hades, lord of the Greek Underworld, seems to think. The god with a shield of sarcastic armor and a stone cold heart. But even the coldest of gods seek warmth. It's too bad no...

    Completed   Mature
  • Savage Desires
    3.9M 172K 29

    First book in The Blood Moon series Caspar Callahan was invisible to the people around him almost his whole life. At the age of five, his parents get brutally murdered as he was forced to watch. With no relatives, he was placed in a foster home. The police questioned him, but he knew better and didn't say a word. With...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ursa Minor (On hiatus)
    99.2K 4.7K 28

    After some rough years Matthew O'Neill is trying to piece together a new life with all good things. A pretty, if maybe super religious girlfriend, a group of close, if somewhat crazy friends, a loving, if a bit unusual family. But his mind is still a mess sometimes. Especially when it comes to Allen Thomas. The new do...

  • Omega
    1.4M 45.6K 46

    (Boyxboy) Endymion was an outcast, a werewolf who couldn't transform. He didn't have any place in the pack at all. Death was his sentence however by some miracle he managed to escape. Living a normal life and forgetting about his origins, he was happy. Until the future Alpha of the pack starts to pursue him. Will he...

  • My Beta's Brother (boyxboy)
    4.3K 127 10

    Lucas Tres is going to become alpha in a week when he turns 18 and is going to finally get to find his mate. He thinks that his mate is going to be his off and on girlfriend Maddie. But apparently the Goddess has a different idea for his ideal mate. What he didn't expect was for his mate to be his bestfriend's, who is...

  • In my own skin (boyxboy)
    489 15 6

    A young boy's life takes a turn for the worst when he caches his boy friend cheating on him.When meets this mystery man on online dating site and starts to fall for him and he think that is everything is going to be normal or will it be any thing but. warning this is a boyxboy and has adult content

  • I am Absolutely, Positively NOT Gay. Am I? [boyxboy]
    1.3K 16 2

    Jace Mandeville has a perfect life. A hot girflriend. A great best friend. A supportive family. But then one day his parents tell him that they're moving and Jason has to leave his life behind. He has to start over with a new school, new friends, new life. First day at his new school he meets rebel Chase Green who ins...

  • Speak to Me (boyxboy)
    17.5K 491 2

    Due to a major storm along the Florida coast, the whole town pitches in to clean the beaches. Although, no one thought that a boy would wash up along with the debris. Seventeen year old Alphonse Page takes charge of the boy, making sure to tend to the wounds and keep him warm until he wakes up. But when he does, no on...

  • Three Steps From Somewhere (boyxboy)
    2.8K 127 7

    Nick Roman is a Jerk. An ass. A prick. But above all else, FAKE. Truth be told, deep down he is a wimp, chicken, wuss and coward. But he has been hiding this fact for the last 17 years and is not about to blow his cover. But when a new kid comes to town, determined to be the new top dog, what will Nick do? Bite back...

  • I OWN 'THE' JOCK (boyxboy) [incest]{not edited} Book 1 MINE Series
    333K 12.5K 30

    {First book in the MINE series} Zachery Chambers is not impressed when he hears that he has a half-brother he never knew about. Evidently he doesn't care that he even has one, I mean he is captain of his high school's basketball team and has other things to worry about than some vague half-brother in Mexico. Like his...

    Completed   Mature
  • Nadir *Currently Editing*
    438K 73 1

    -------Currently going through an edit------- Oliver can't cope with the loss of his identical twin, Dylan, so his mother makes him attend grief counseling. It's always the same thing, make his intro speech, listen to the others tell their stories, share a happy memory, listen to the sage words from Scott about how it...

    Completed   Mature
  • Itty Bitty (boyxboy)
    539K 22.8K 20

    Darby Kale is not the nicest person. He never has been. Why? Well, it all comes down to his height. Being a five foot nothing guy is hard. Especially when everyone refuses to let him have peace about it, ever. During the summer of his seventeenth, Darby just so happens to meet a very handsome, and very tall guy under...

  • Blaze (boyxboy)
    2.1M 92K 35

    Elliot Spellman wanted to live; he wanted to feel the rush everyone else did. He was tired of being just some kid in the back of the class who went home every night to study in his bedroom. That was how he found himself in an alley, dealing marijuana. He wanted this, he needed this. Not marijuana, but friends, a grou...

  • The Betting Game (boyxboy)
    1.1M 32.8K 23

    "Your challenge is to be gay for one month. That includes finding a boyfriend." These words are spoken when Jake Hanson loses against his best friend, Jensen, in a not-so-friendly soccer game for the first time. Jensen wants to make his friend suffer the consequences and manages to think up what he feels is the best...

  • Running On Empty
    39.7K 1.3K 36

    When Silya Emmerson moved to Indiana, she hated it, every part of living and breathing. With her mom constantly out of the house out looking for jobs and her dad nowhere to be found after the divorce, she set outs on a journey to the mansion known for it's a fancy rich parties. Breaking into privet property got her so...

  • Try Me On For Size (SasuNaru/BoyxBoy)
    329K 10.6K 14

    Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki were friends, and enemies. But what will happen when Sasuke realizes that he likes Naruto in a different way? Will Naruto accept this? Or will he run away from his own feelings about Sasuke? As Naruto slowly reveals that he isn't actually as stupid as he seemed, Sasuke's feelings for h...