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  • [KARMAGISA] Not Your Average Teacher's Love Story
    80.4K 3.1K 30

    Ever since his bizarre third year at junior high school, Nagisa Shiota had changed for the better. With his new shortened blue hair and increased height (only by a few half centimeters), he lives peacefully as a teacher in charge of a class full of troublemakers. He loved his life--no, he really did. But who knew tha...

  • [MXTX] Three Times the Love
    246K 14K 70

    One day, three worlds clashed into one. Wei Wuxian didn't understand why a sudden earthquake interrupted he and his lover's time together, why he'd exchange eye contact with an obsessive couple, nor why he'd find a gorgeous stranger weeping over a dirty ol' mantou. However, the cultivation world now has fierce corpse...

  • [ZHUILING] More Than Enough
    175K 8.7K 44

    Lan Sizhui was the perfect role model for the new generation of GusuLan disciples. Rumours foretold that he was only third to HanGuang-Jun, who'd been famous for making love with the infamous Yiling Patriarch, Wei Wuxian. But more importantly, the new role model was undoubtedly calm, just like all the previous role mo...