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  • Queen of all Alphas #3
    250 27 6

    There are two sides to one coin. The head and the tail, some refer to it as good vs evil. Some see it as the one person owning one coin. Four coins, and only one lands on the good. The gods threw four coins on my fate. Or so I originally believed. Everyone else got one coin. So, why the fuck was mine an outlier in eve...

  • The Demon's Little Wolf
    4.2M 152K 59

    ~NOT EDITED~ ~RE-WRITTEN VERSION AS FROM 09 JANUARY 2023~ A princess. The first thing that come to your mind when you think of a princess is someone with the perfect life and a loving family. But, there are always exceptions. An example being Analise Royal, the youngest daughter of the king and queen of werewolves...

  • Turned Rogue (Prev: IBLYWC)
    701K 14.5K 24

    (Part I of the Lycan Series) Stowe, Vermont. Population- 4300. A small town harbors night beasts, at least that's what the humans call them. Dani has always called them, Lycans...more than calling them names she was one. She liked to remind herself that she was a beast, a demi-human capable of much more than cleanin...

  • His Serenity
    2.4M 79.7K 47

    In the realm of guns, lies, deception and beasts, an angel was born "Damn it!" ---

  • Fated Souls[COMPLETED]
    100K 3.6K 43

    When Freya is bitten by a rabid wolf on her way home, her life would never be the same again. ••••• Freya did not expect to turn into a wolf two weeks after being bitten by one. However, with this new change, she has to learn to adapt to it and control her anger and her unstable wolf. However, her calm life is...

  • The Warrior
    9.4K 581 23

    **Third book of the Submitting To Him series***Can be a stand alone book* ~~~~~ Julian Payne, once a royal Prince, is now merely a myth; A shadow of the day, a beast of the night. To protect the human and werewolf race is one of his many duties, but to save the werewolf community from destroying itself is his main pr...

  • Alpha Maria
    197K 7.1K 63

    A human in a pack of werewolves would sound ridiculous if it hadn't been the life of Dylan Archer. After hunters had wreaked havoc in his town, Dylan's pack is merged with one of the largest packs in the land. The alpha of the new pack is rumored to be a bloodthirsty killer, however, she stands at 5'2.

    Completed   Mature
  • Your Protector ✓
    2.2M 87.1K 24

    "He's not a monster! Elik is my mate. The holder of my heart. He's a protector. He's my protector." ◍ ◎ ◍ ◎ ◍ ◎ ◍ ◎ ◍ ◎ ◍ ◎ ◍ ◎ ◍ ◎ Penelope thought her life was over when she was taken. The abuse lasted months, and there was no light at the end of the tunnel. That is until Elik came along, and ripped the door off of...

  • G H O S T R U N N E R
    574K 29.7K 23

    {Completed} Arden is a werewolf. Abused in everyway and used in superstitious practices due to her odd fur color, she escapes and upon discovery is taken in by a kind woman and her family. But things can't stay normal for long. With Arden's past pack threatening the security of her new life, a mate who has no idea wha...

  • Moon/Sun/Eclipse Child Bonus Chapters
    189K 3.6K 6

    Mature/bonus Chapters for the Moon Child Series -Moon Child -Sun Child -Eclipse Child

  • Unraveled
    39.7K 2.5K 10

    Book 2 in the Deviant Creature Series Secrets will unravel you. Windy City was no stranger to violence, although some of inhabitants were. Home to many, home to death. Home to the supernatural. Duke Harris. A male name. But a female user. A young woman living on the streets, fighting day by day to survive. It was saf...

  • Unchained
    2.6M 128K 40

    Book 1 in the Deviant Creatures Series In the slums of New York City an underground prison sat. The City that Never Sleeps wasn't all it seemed, ruled by the society of the supernatural, the gang wars were pack wars, the drug dealers were carriers for money hungry beasts. But in the midst of all the chaos sat t...

  • Warrior's Heart (Book 1 of The Warrior Chronicles)
    983K 55.2K 63

    Hated by her clan. Hunted by No-Landers. Desired by Kings. Leyla is a Warrior. Strong. Fast. Unwavering. Yet she looks nothing like a Warrior. Dark haired and green eyed, she stands out in a Kingdom full blonde-haired blue-eyed citizens who all tower over her. Despite their differences, her rank as an officer in t...

  • Alpha's One True Mate
    2M 43.1K 37

    Samantha Carter had a huge crush on Lloyd Crawford, the next in line as Alpha of the Crescent Wolf Pack. Who wouldn't fall to this gorgeous looking guy? He kept himself away from flirting with unmated girls. Saving himself for his one and only mate and the future Luna of his pack. Until that day he went home with a b...

  • The Curious Case of Danielle Parker
    308K 8.7K 39

    Danielle's new town is strange. Sure, it looks picture book pretty. But ever since she arrived, strange things keep happening. From the mysteriously and painfully beautiful boy absolutely losing it in the school parking lot, to going from being ignored one day to suddenly treated like royalty the next... Danielle can'...

  • Under A Latent Moon (A Werewolf Tale)
    689K 42.1K 40

    Thirteen years ago, Harley lost her family. Though it left some damage, she's finally ready to return to her family's pack and start her own tale. But writing a happy ending is much harder than she thought. Will Grey is a rogue hunter. Thirteen years ago, he was Harley's brother's best friend. Now all grown up and mor...

  • My Wee Mate
    1.3M 69.2K 61

    "Are you afraid, my wee human?" "Will you hurt me?" "No, Ailsa. I swear to you I will never harm you. I'd rather die than lay a hand on you." "Then there's nothing more to discuss." ◍ ◎ ◍ ◎ ◍ ◎ ◍ ◎ ◍ ◎ ◍ ◎ ◍ ◎ ◍ ◎ In 18th century Scotland, a romance blooms in a dark prison cell Laird Fraser MacLeod is no normal man...

  • A Mate for the Latecomer
    1.1M 30.1K 44

    Previously Rank: #1 New Author, #1 Reject & Rejected, #1 rejection, #1mated, #1 Fiction #1 Alphamate, #1 Beta, #1 Alpha, #5 Romance, #17 werewolves, #1 author #1 Supernatural and etc.. ~~~ Elle Langford was once the most dedicated hardworking werewolf in her pack. She used to have many friends and was respected by all...

    1.3M 25.5K 50

    He was the alpha of one of the strongest packs across the world. Everybody was afraid of him and curious to know who was his mate, but there was a secret his pack was hiding,about him and his mate......... She was the only girl in front of whom he would go down on his knees and beg her to be with him, the only girl fo...

  • Ashes to Ashes: The Female Alpha
    718K 21.5K 32

    BOOK 1: (Not Edited) The BlackRain Pack is the Warrior Pack. They are the ghosts that protect the werewolf world from rogues and other creatures. Legend has it that the warriors of the BlackRain Pack are sent from the moon goddess, with the birthmark of a warrior. All stories of the BlackRain Pack say that only men b...

  • The Saints Have Fallen
    34.1K 1.5K 12

    After being stripped of his title as a God and turned into a demon in the presence of his brother, Yuri was banished to earth to live amongst the humans whom he hates. 200 years later, a young girl shows up at his doorstep holding both his life and death in her hands whilst not having any idea of the power in which sh...

  • Queen of Disaster | 𝑅𝑒𝑚𝑢𝑠 𝐿𝑢𝑝𝑖𝑛
    2.8M 178K 126

    Throughout her life, Diana Greengrass was raised to hate all Muggles and Muggleborns, fear half-breeds such as werewolves, believe that Divination was a useless class, and to detest the idea of romance and falling in love. Although Diana never expected that all her beliefs would change in a single year. That was until...

    34.9K 1.9K 38

    Bound by a Mark, Eineen Murphy must save her pack before it finally tears itself apart. With a guilt-ridden Alpha whose standards are hard to meet, she's been given far more than she's bargained for. As she tries to bond for the sake of her pack with Aisling Cavanah, the threat of war hangs just above their heads, and...

  • The Bodyguard
    512K 29.6K 31

    When a rebellious daughter raised in a gangsters family run away from home, she is transported back in time to ages of Prince and Kings somehow. Hiding in the world run by men, she opts for the only position that fate allots her, Prince's Personal Bodyguard. But the handsome , casanova yet intelligent Prince doesn...

  • Breaking The Bad Boy (Completed)
    58.4M 2M 74

    Ashley Martin has been through more grief than a person experiences in their entire life and carries baggage that no kid should ever entail. Tyler Miller is the school's scandalous bad boy who acts on impulse, blinded rage and will single-handedly destroy anybody who stands in his way. Then all of a sudden, they're th...

  • Lyon ✓
    591K 20.3K 40

    It has been years since the humans have been dethroned, it has been years since the werewolves have taken over. 100 years after the war, everything seems peaceful. No, everything seems too peaceful. The humans haven't revolted in 30 years, it is impossible to think that none of them desire freedom. Is it the calm befo...

  • His Wolf
    378K 11.5K 55

    Her whole life she has only been sure of one thing. She was a dog. A pet that was used at her handler wished. She has been trained to fight and kill. She has been trained to be obedient. She has been broken and rebuilt into what they wanted her to be. To follow every command without question, to kill without hesitatio...

  • The Hybrid
    192K 6.7K 42

    Kelsie Rush was destined to do great things, she just doesn't know it yet. She believes she is a regular girl just like everyone else... Well expect for the fact that she's a hybrid and is the most powerful witch she knows. Kelsie and her family moves a Roth country for a change of scenery. What she want not expecting...

  • Alpha...... You rejected me. Remember?
    1.9M 43.7K 53

    "Your no mate of mine! You're weak and not worthy of being the Luna." He shouts, but I didn't filinch once. "I, Alex, future Alpha of the DragonFire pack, reject you Violet as my mate and Luna." "You will regrect rejecting me, Alex, mark my words." And then I ran. --------------------- Violet was a Omega. The lowes...

  • The Billionaire's Pup
    4.9M 181K 84

    "I won't be able to control it then, Eos. Once I'm inside you, there is no going back." He had secrets. I had mine. All was well until he returned. The dark billionaire who made himself out of nothing, the mysterious handsome man that held deep, evil secrets within himself, and the man who was well-known across the co...