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  • Who Knew I'd Be Back | (Editing In Progress)
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    Blair Jacobson's life was a joke. She was never liked by any of her peers and bullied ever since she could remember. She had one friend, when he turns on her and makes her life a more miserable place until Blair takes a knife to her wrists. Her mother sent her away for 2 years to live with her Aunt in Texas. She joins...

  • Breaking The Player | ✓
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    I raise a eyebrow glancing the direction of him, seeing his hands on some blonde bimbo. "I might have to consider this challenge." I say. I'm always up for a good challenge, especially a difficult one like Chase. "You're so competitive." Gabby says laughing a little. "That I am." I say in agreement. "Challenge accept...

  • Stepbrothers Fake Love | ✓
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    C O M P L E T E D ♡Book Two Of Stepbrothers Don't Love (SDL)♡ "Things come and go and you have to learn to accept it." -BlackandBlue222 There's a lot of things Norah Mayfair thinks about. However, she always thinks why the world is against her. Two years have gone by. She's been completely alone, suffering by hersel...

  • Girl Next Door ✔️
    3.5M 154K 74

    "We need to start from the beginning. We need to find out who actually did it." ••• Alexandra Black's new found perfect life turns upside down when her psychotic ex-boyfriend, literally, crashes into her life with his car. He wants her back, he'd kill anyone who comes between him and her, even if it was Alexandra hers...