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  • [ Thinking Emoji ]
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    okay woohoo we doin' this again hmm idk what this is abt (it's an art book probably pls don't leave) IM GON' TRY IT WOO WISH ME LUCK :D

  • karlism™ | me
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    『karlism™』» ⇢ personal book from the meme empress of trashlandia: Karley ੭ु੭✧

  • ↳ moonlight ✧┊myg
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    ❝I want to hold your hand But I am the sun and you are the moon And we will never collide❞ Min Yoongi and I are polar opposites. We're like day and night, he's the dark to my light, I'm the warmth to his cold and the revelation to his mystery. But I won't give him up until my last rays die out. I know that one day I'l...

  • ↬ seven deadly sins | bts
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    ❝Angels and demons, supernatural creatures: They exist in our world. But these seven are different, they're special...❞ The seven deadly sins and seven holy virtues have manifested themselves in seven young men, who in turn also hold special abilities. Which side they embrace is their choice. An ancient prophecy says...

  • Ayo! The Life of a straight girl (SPAM)
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    Just random stuff abt my daily life

  • Dolls
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    "Imperfection is a sin, and sinners should get punished"