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  • {Helluva Boss} Blitzo Older Sister
    573 3 3

    What if Blitzo wasn't the only Imp assassin on the Job Meet His Older sister Blizta and her crew. Decided to help her brother and his employee on the job.

  • Musical silence
    762 20 9

    For as long as Laylani Whitlock could remember, everyone told her she couldn't be a Pokémon trainer. But now, she's ten years old! And ready to prove everyone wrong! With the help of her wooden flute, she will be able to communicate with pokemon and she will be the best Pokémon trainer in all of Kalos!!!

  • Bad Guys:The Rookie one shots
    13.4K 118 42

    With the Bad Guys going straight, there's now a ton a new villains who seemed to have taken their place. Just some one shots of my Bad Guys fanfic. Nothing else much to say.

  • The Shadow [Being Rewritten]
    21.4K 393 9

    Jemma, an adopted daughter of the Mayor of Storybrooke, and older sister to her brother Henry. Jemma is a girl who tends to stay behind the scenes, but when family's involved you can bet she'll be the first person to stand and defend it. But when Henry forces her along to find his biological mother and convinces her t...

  • The Lost Tribe 2: Secrets of the crystals
    6.2K 160 12

    The Lost Trolls have finally made peace with the six other troll tribes and everyone is living in the harmony that they always wanted. But as secrets start to arise about the magical power of the Lost Trolls, a forgotten fight from long ago is to be settled and Aria is the only troll in her tribe who can stop it. Popp...

  • Trolls World Tour
    28K 213 20

    (Crappy cover pic is bound to change) Poppy's reign as Queen is put to the test when her home faces a new threat in the form of Barb, Queen of the Rock Trolls. The new discovery soon leads Poppy and her friends to find that there are other kinds of trolls in the world, each defined by a string that represents their ty...

  • The Lost Tribe
    22.3K 396 12

    All the trolls are finally living in harmony - pop, techno, funk, country, classical, rock and every other music in between. But there is a legend of a seventh tribe...a tribe far different than the rest...