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  • Summer Girl || A Shourtney Story
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    The only thing that would complicate Summer Games: Apocalypse would be a certain blue-eyed, witty boy. But I, Courtney Miller, could never fall for my best friend Shayne. That would be ridiculous, right? BEST RANKINGS: #3 in Shourtney #12 in ShayneTopp #13 in Smosh

  • The Line We Built
    6.7K 184 6

    Friends? That didn't capture the intimacy of what they were. Lovers? No, they were both too chickenshit to even think about crossing that line. So instead, they did what they did best: Tiptoed on the edge of the line, quietly wondering who would be the first to grab the other and pull them over. Until then, just walki...

  • Crossing the Line
    1.7K 53 1

    They'd always given each other shit. That was just their dynamic. Shayne would pick something and make fun of her for it, and Courtney would call him dumb and give him shit for that. Razzing each other like that was nothing new for them; it was how they bonded. He loved that about them, about her. So, when Courtney st...

  • The Switch / Shourtney
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    Shayne and Courtney have been co-workers and friends since they began working at Smosh about two years ago. But when circumstances change, feelings start to grow. Are they just one sided, or can this be the start of something great?