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  • Silver, Blood, and Love( A supernatural/ Dean Winchester Love Story)
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    I got up and ran after them. When I found them, my dad was no longer screaming. The wolf stood there chowing down on his midsection. I screamed at the sight. The wolf starred up at me and growled. I was blind with fury. I ran full force at the wolf and jumped on its back. The wolf flung me off and I landed on the fore...

  • My quite world
    17 1 2

    The story of a girl's struggles in her world of no sound.

  • True Sight
    173 23 8

    WARNING: This is my first story so please excuse some of the problems.😄 My head was pounding worse than it's ever pounded before...... I could feel the heat radiating off my body but just at the moment everything froze like I was in the middle of time travel itself. My Body froze and I could see this beautiful brown...