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  • Good Match (A sokeefe [kotlc] fanfiction)
    166K 2K 33

    Set in the future and avoids Everblaze subjects, such as joining the Black Swan, but does involve some topics like Biana being a vanisher and Keefe's mom being a douche... *cough* I mean, being a... aww fudge it. His mom is a douche. THIS IS SOKEEFE FORGET SOFITZ AND DOPHIE THEY DON'T DESERVE HER! KEEFE IS PERFECTION...

  • Forever Blaze (Sequel to Good Match)
    102K 2.3K 61

    THE FIRST BOOK IS WRITTEN ON MY FIRST ACCOUNT, TURTLES2001 -- After getting engaged, Sophie and Keefe are swamped in new challenges and things to do to prepare for their wedding. The date hangs above their heads and as it gets closer and closer they start to realize why they fell in love with each other in the first...

  • It's Hard to say I Love you. *A KOTLC Fanfiction*
    107K 2.3K 25

    Sophie Foster and the other elves are human, and this is their trip through High-school. Mostly, it's just a bunch of SoKeefe fluff! *Was previously Keeper of the Lost Cities College.* #2 in Kotlc, #1 in Sokeefe (as of October 23rd). How did that happen? Thank you!

  • Until the End of Time | A Team Foster-Keefe story
    78.1K 1.3K 36

    Years after their lives finally calmed down, Sophie and her friends find themselves in a once again chaotic mess. Except this time, it's their emotions that's the enemy. [gross description i'm sorry pls read i swear i write better than i describe] Unless stated otherwise, characters belong to Shannon Messenger. The...