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  • This is Love (LarssonSiblingsSeries#2)
    493K 17K 22

    MAJORLY EDITING. BOOK TWO. Bailey Campbell is obsessed with food. Soup, sandwiches, cream cakes and steak dinners, she's into it. When she decided to turn her passion into a business exactly one year ago, she never expected the success it brought. Green Earth Kitchen is the place to be at the moment, creating a buzz...

  • Relative Fiction | ✓
    533K 27.5K 33

    [NOW A FREE STORY] A heroin addict struggling with recovery finds an unusual solace in a brilliant, beautiful girl in his therapy group, who seems to have being happy and sober down to a science. [wattys 2021 winner - new adult] [2x wattpad editor's choice pick (2021 & 2023) & 6x featured story]

    Completed   Mature
  • Homewrecker
    1.4M 94.1K 78

    Bronwyn Larson has spent her whole life not depending on her mother, a constantly recovering addict, until the moment her life was literally torn apart when an EF4 tornado ripped through their trailer park and her mom is found dead, miles away after the storm. Suddenly, her estranged father is a part of her life, a pr...

  • Need Someone | [Complete]
    887K 46.1K 27

    Flirting with a patient is fine . . . as long as it doesn't go further. . . . Sabine is a talented nurse starting her dream job when she meets her newest, flirtatious patient, Ziggy. When Ziggy receives a life-changing diagnosis, he turns to Sabine for help to make it through. As their relationship turns to dependence...

    Completed   Mature
  • No Hard Feelings
    1.4M 76.7K 22

    Exes aren't supposed to end up as best friends. Exes-turned-bff's should never have a one night stand. Dexter and Hadley do.

  • Love Rush (LarssonSiblingSeries#4)
    470K 24.9K 50

    BOOK FOUR. DUE FOR MAJOR EDIT Levi Larsson is keeping a secret from his family. The late nights and early mornings aren't spent with some girl. No. He's trying his best to give back to the community. Working at the local homeless shelter, he only expected to feel happiness at bringing light to the people who needed...

    Completed   Mature
  • Protecting Love (LarssonSiblingSeries #3)
    595K 29.6K 46

    BOOK THREE. DUE FOR MAJOR EDIT For the last year, Betty Larsson has been trying to rebuild her shattered confidence, promising herself that she would never touch a man again after her ex-boyfriend ripped her heart out from her chest so cruelly. From the outside looking in, her life seemed perfect with a budding music...

    Completed   Mature
  • Revealing Lennon ✔
    1.4M 52.1K 52

    {A Wattpad Featured Story & Wattys 2018 Long List Book} Highest Rank // #22 in Teen Fiction Lennon Reese has always been quiet but after being sexually assaulted she has shut herself off from the world. She finds solace in writing all of her evasive thoughts down in her journal. She never thought her words would lea...