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  • Steal Your Girl (Katsuki Bakugou)
    2.6M 84.5K 90

    (Y/n) attends U.A., the prestigious school for heroes along with her boyfriend, Shouto Todoroki. Her life seems smooth until a certain ash blond boldly decides to confess his feelings to her and swears to take her away from Shouto. No. Matter. The. Cost.

  • Raindrop | Katsuki Bakugo x Reader
    1.3M 44.5K 137

    JOZAWA Conversation Hearts & SIDE STORIES tied to this work are on my page! (Y/n) was born with a water manipulation and creation quirk, destined to be a hero just like her mother. When her mother falls ill, she finds refuge in a childhood friend Izuku Midoryia in the fight to become a hero and stand up to their child...