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  • Eros
    8.1K 265 5

    There's a fine line between love and hate and he crossed them both.

  • A Realm of Sun and Shadow
    102 13 5

    Young Nora struggles to find herself and the truth of where she belongs, as the magical home she just discovered faces the threat of bitter war. ~~~~~~~ Nora's night turns from bad to horrifying when she's caught up in a brawl between a demon and a mysterious yellow-eyed man named Quinn. With the help of her sort-of...

  • Once Upon a Fall
    558 42 4

    She wanted to fly. But all she did was fall.

  • The Hell In Helena
    3.7K 361 12

    Helena Holmes was in the ride of her life when she met death himself, literally. After she thought that her strange feelings and emotions comes from her having a simple crush for a high school jock, she was later proved wrong when it turned out her father hid a grueling dark secret from her which was the source of all...

  • Book Review (Temporarily Closed!)
    1.3K 95 21

    Here I will review books at your request. Open for entries! Round 1 - Closed. Round 2 - will open after round 1 will be finished.

  • Tarzan
    148K 2.8K 47

    Jane has loved Africa from the moment she first went. With a chance to go for work she leaves a month earlier then everyone else and lives with a native tribe in need of help. On her way back to the United States something happens and she left in the jungle alone and betrayed before he finds her: Tarzan

    Completed   Mature
  • Transformation {Completed}
    2K 444 27

    "Mom! I told you not to bother m- " she was cut off by her own coughs. "You're drunk again?" Her mother sighed before asking it. "Not like you care mo-" this time a crash cut her off. The car crash didn't let Kristine complete her sentence. "Your hospital charges as well as all other necessities will be fulfilled but...

    Completed   Mature
  • Matibe - Book 1
    400 63 6

    Hi guys!!;-*:) It's Shirleyjeridah here! I just wanted to tell you, my readers, that thank you for reading my new book. ☆ It's a my new first book. ☆This book is non-fiction. ☆ This book contains violence and swearing words but still mature. ☆ Some of these names in the book are made up and some are real. This book i...