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  • IRON DAUGHTER ▹ stark ✓
    1.6M 57.5K 35

    Every family has demons, but none of them seem to scream as loudly as they do in the Stark family. Tony Stark is known for many things; a father being one of them. Before he was Iron Man, before he was the CEO of Stark Industries, before he was an orphan, he was just a twenty year old kid who found out he had a d...

  • RED RAVEN ▹ stark ✓
    837K 34.9K 36

    There are demons in the girl's head. They make her wish she was dead. Two years ago, the infamous Tony Stark told the world that he was Iron Man and that came with consequences that his precious daughter, Lisa, had to suffer. Despite all odds, Lisa Stark is alive, but so are her demons. She was once just a chi...

  • BLOODY BALLERINA ▹ barnes-romanoff ✓
    1.1M 40.7K 30

    ❝ your allies will die or go mad. you'll never know whom to trust. you'll never have a normal relationship. and if you do find love, as impossible as it is, you must remember one rule. the most important rule: never have kids. NEVER. ❞ - n.r. COVERS CAPTAIN AMERICA : THE WINTER SOLDIER BOOK 1 in PLAN B trilogy BOOK 3...

  • RESURRECTION OVERTURE ▹ barnes-romanoff
    640K 23.6K 28

    ❝ how many more jobs... how long will it take... i don't know if i can do it. even if i could forgive myself, this is what I am now. and you'll never know who i was before. my past is my own. ❞ - n.r. COVERS CAPTAIN AMERICA : CIVIL WAR & BLACK WIDOW BOOK 2 in PLAN B trilogy BOOK 6 in LEGACY series ( COPYRIGHT! - aka...

  • THE DEATH SEASON ▹ final avengers ✓
    571K 25.8K 45

    Every demon must have their pound of flesh. The Avengers have fallen. The unity that once protected the Earth no longer remains. Fathers and daughters have been torn apart, families are no longer aligned, and darkness looms upon the horizon. For six years the most formidable foe that these broken heroes have ever...

  • And then we were two (Tony stark's daughter fic)
    465K 11.9K 41

    Genius billionaire playboy philanthropist...father? Tony Stark has been called many things responsible is not one of them, but how will he react when a 7 year old girl is brought to him one morning?

  • A Russian Lullaby
    529K 14.2K 24

    Valeryia is one of the Red Room's most lethal killers. But after one mission she decides to abandon the organization, to try to live a normal life. The Red Room told her that her mother died when she was only a child, so Valeryia has no one. But in a horrifying turn of events, Valeryia finds herself crossing paths wit...

  • Parenthood 2; Double the Stark (Tony Stark's daughter)
    213K 7K 7

    ***|Sequel to Parenthood|*** Maggie Stark is fourteen-years-old now, and she's not a kid anymore. However, her way overprotective father, Tony, isn't willing to accept that his little girl isn't well...a little girl anymore. So when the Avengers need help taking out possible leads to the worst of the worst Hydra agen...

  • The Captains Daughter
    582K 13.2K 24

    This is the story of Brooke Rogers. Brooke is 14 years old and is a lab experiment, she was 1 in 1000 to have survived the experiment. The experiment was to use Steve Rogers' DNA to make a child just like him and Brooke was that child. She didn't look like it though, she looked very petite but she was strong, fast and...

  • In My Eyes
    817K 29K 69

    BOOK 2 OF THE JESSI STARK SERIES. "Life is tough my darling, but so are you" What's next in her life as the Daughter of Iron Man? What trials await? She will discover what is real in this life, and what is fake. Friendships will be tested, truths will be revealed... lives will be torn. All seen through the eyes of th...

  • Emily Thompson and the Beast // Bruce Banner
    78.8K 2.6K 18

    "Of course I love you, you big green idiot." _____________________________ { Book 1 of the Emily Thompson Books } ~ Book 3 of my MCU Books ~ ( based off of The Incredible Hulk )

  • Broken • Iron Man's Daughter [ 2 ]
    60.2K 1.6K 14

    It's been six months since the battle on New York and life has never gone back to normal for Maya Stark and her family. Haunted by nightmares of the battle, Maya struggles to return to her everyday life. It doesn't help that she still hasn't heard any word from her new Avenger friends and that her own father seems to...

  • The Avengers [ 1 ]
    145K 3.5K 21

    What happens when you mix Maya Stark, the daughter of the billionaire himself, Emily Thompson, the girl who is in love with the Hulk, and Liv Foster, the girl who is not only a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent but also happens to be dating the god of thunder? A lot, that's for sure. The Avengers Initiative was a program designed b...

  • Parenthood (Tony Stark's Daughter)
    2.1M 63.8K 25

    "You can't be my kid, I've got way too many responsibilities." Tony crossed his arms and stood his ground. This wasn't just an argument over chocolate milk vs strawberry milk. It was battle for dominance. "It's not like you're winning the father of the year award," his daughter glared at him, mirroring his stanc...

  • The Weight of The World 。 Peter Parker [1]
    7.3M 276K 47

    THE WEIGHT OF THE WORLD. ❝𝘼 𝙛𝙞𝙧𝙚 𝙛𝙞𝙣𝙙𝙨 𝙖 𝙝𝙤𝙢𝙚 𝙞𝙣 𝙢𝙚.❞ BOOK ONE IN THE FLORENCE PARSONS SERIES MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE | PETER PARKER/SPIDER-MAN AN AGE OF HEROES STORY ©tinkertaydust | cover by soulofstaars highest ranking in fanfiction #2 [26.07.17] wattpad featured story [11.08.17] wattys2017 sh...

  • Your Little Stark
    2M 63.2K 61

    BOOK 1 OF THE JESSI STARK SERIES. He has become wrapped around her finger, she's the center of his whole world. And his heart fully belongs to that sweet little beautiful, wonderful, perfect and unforgettable girl. IRON MANS DAUGHTER. •IM1 - IM2 - A1• currently rewriting/editing

  • Nearly Morning {A Captain America Story}
    362K 8.5K 37

    A story of how Captain America finds his daughter. Or rather, how she finds him.

  • Adopted by the Avengers
    198K 3.7K 28

    Y/N is adopted by the Avengers from a bad orphanage situation. She is brought to the Avenger's facility to carry out a mission. I'm bad at descriptions :) (I started writing this story 6 years ago so sorry if the writing is bad at first)

  • Mini Stark (Tony Starks daughter)
    886K 24.6K 26

    What if one of tony Stark's many hook ups resulted in a little girl? What if he never knew? What if that same little girl came looking for him in New York? This is the story of Antoinette Derica Blaise Blake and her search for and discovery of her father tony stark

  • The Deaf Wolf (Avengers Fanfiction)
    1.9M 55.3K 34

    Ashlyn Brooks is a seventeen-year-old homeless, mostly deaf mutant girl who lives in the Central Park in New York. What happens when Steve Rogers goes on a morning run and spots the poor homeless mutant? Edited: February 2024 This story does have a couple more parts in my book 'Bonus Scenes' THIS STORY IS OWNED BY WI...

  • Life as Maya Stark • Iron Man's Daughter [ 1 ]
    903K 24.6K 40

    Tony Stark had it all. He had the money, the fame, the girls, and basically anything that he wanted in life. But when a eight year old girl named Maya shows up on his doorstep claiming to be his daughter, his life changes forever. Tony never wanted a kid or the responsibilities that came with it, but as he gets to kno...

  • FORCEFIELD ➢ rogers ✓
    196K 5.1K 30

    In a world full of uncertainty, potential threats... are FORCE Headquarters. Dead-set on a goal similar to HYDRA, a desire for power, the two co-founders Dr. Deborah and Joseph Rockland form a plan of their own: Conceiving a child. Experimented on since before her birth, Dani Rockland without choice is injected...

  • Void (The Avengers)
    1.5M 44.8K 49

    ❝Just because I'm smaller than you doesn't mean that I couldn't easily take you in a fight.❞ Subject: Carter May Number: 17 Age: Nine Sex: F In which the nine year old test subject escapes, using the powers she obtained after being experimented on for six years. Avengers:...

  • AGENT ROCKLAND ➢ rogers ✓
    91.8K 2.4K 48

    Dani Rockland always believed promises could never be broken. The formerly orphaned child temporarily going by the title Agent Rockland, resumes growing up in a world of unpredictability and technological-errors hell-bent on extraction. With her aging in years along with the advancement of her enhanced abilities...

  • TROUBLED YOUTH ➢ strange ✓
    10.6K 389 25

    In a world withholding both physical and mystical threats is a sheltered child. Born into the Strange family, Caitlyn was never allowed to partake in the considered 'dangerous' activities children her age so freely enjoyed. A horrific night leaves her in the care of her father's brother, a neurosurgeon named Ste...

  • MOONLIGHT ➢ udaku ✓
    10.2K 383 26

    In a world bestowing miracles is one in the meeting of a Jazz Singer and a Wakandan Prince. Following enrapture in a tussle of events, it is perceived that the sole night of momentary bliss is the last the two would ever see of each other, but soon enough the woman appears on the doorstep of T'Challa's home muc...

    22.6K 1.2K 5

    ▶ CONTINUE /to enter/ REAL LIFE loading . . . : he is not human _but_ } = then again,neither are "you".; 〚 pre - the winter soldier & anastasia au〛 〚 bucky barnes x oc 〛 ( COPYRIGHT! - aka - DO NOT STEAL! ) illisius Ⓒ 2020 & , marvel

  • In Your Eyes // Steve Rogers
    5.4M 177K 112

    [based on Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier; Avengers: Age of Ultron; Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War; Avengers: Endgame] || book one of one || To bad luck, The Man Out of Time was a blessing. Despite his wishes, his prayers, even Clara Blake wasn't an exception to the unluckiness Steve R...

  • The Infinity Soldiers ➙ Marvel
    1.2K 46 2

    Five years ago, the Avengers lost. Thanos used the Infinity Stones to successfully wipe out half of all life. Afterwards, he used the stones to destroy themselves, turning six of the most powerful objects in the universe into nothing but atoms. Or so he and the Avengers thought. Five years after Thanos' devastating s...