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  • The End of the World (Bellamy Blake x Reader)
    32.6K 900 13

    Though Alie is long gone, the world is far from safe. It's a race against radiation as Y/N Kane and her friends try to save the rest of humanity before inevitable demise. Welcome to Season 4 of the 100.

  • The City of Light (Bellamy Blake x Reader)
    53.8K 1.2K 15

    Three months have passed, and Y/N Kane and all her friends finally got to live in peace with one exception - Clarke still hasn't returned. When eventually she's discovered, she brings with her the threat of war and something far, far worse. Once again, Y/N and her friends have to fight for their lives. Welcome to seas...

  • Mountains Shelter Secrets (Bellamy Blake x Reader)
    76.9K 2.1K 16

    Y/N Kane is trapped inside a secretive mountain inhabited by secretive people and has no idea if the rest of her friends are alive. Stakes are high as she tries to uncover the secrets of the mountain and save the rest of her people without dying. Welcome to season 2 of the 100.

  • We're Coming Home (Bellamy Blake x Reader)
    109K 2.7K 13

    Y/N Kane, daughter of Marcus Kane, a woman with strong opinions and a wild heart is sent to the ground with the rest of the 100. Free to roam the planet she'd stared at and studied for years, she finally feels in her element, but soon realizes it's much more dangerous than any of them could have guessed.