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  • Caught in the Act (Male!Yandere x Reader)
    441K 18.6K 29

    F/n lived in an orphanage since she was five. Now that she is eighteen, she decides to go to the industrial city of Mardin looking for employment and something new. While in Mardin, she discovers she looks exactly like an heiress named Katrina Albright. Katrina is to be engaged to a man name Inigo Moors, but is too si...

  • Haikyuu!! || Various x Reader
    75.8K 2.3K 9

    "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Hinata Shōyo ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ↠ stories about everyone's favourite volleydorks! ↠ requests: open (feel free to leave a comment or message me) ↠ disclaimer: i do not own the entirety of Haikyuu!! and the images used in this book. all rights be...

  • Pathetic: A Yandere! Tsukishima x Reader Love Story [COMPLETED]
    229K 5.6K 19

    [I don't own Tsukishima Kei or any of the other characters from the anime, "Haikyuu!!"] ...You're pathetic. Thinking you could escape from me. You're mine. Only mine. And I would do anything to keep it that way. .... I guess I have to teach you a lesson.

  • daring { kei tsukishima x f!reader } [finished]
    150K 5.7K 14

    UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Due to a compelling dare her best friend had suggested, (first name) (last name) was put through a very troublesome adventure. Actually, it all should've remained a simple dare with no hard feelings, but that was not possible under the circumstances a blond volleyball player put the girl through. T...

  • Splash of Color
    773K 35.1K 28

    [Oikawa Tōru X Reader] Routines can get a little boring. As structured as they may be, the world can begin to look black and white. But once a splash of color hits your nose, the routine you once held dear changes. _______ Cover by @oreolover2411

  • Haikyuu X Reader ~ Ushijima's Cousin
    188K 4.7K 13

    Y/N spent her first year and one semester of high school at Seijoh also known as Aoba Josai. Once she was a certain someone took the biggest interest in her and his name was Oikawa he was a 2nd year at the time and the two got close he ask her to be the manager to make them even closer but her childhood friend Shouyo...

  • The Volleyball Dorks
    38.3K 1.2K 11

    Just a simple girl that likes to listen and play music. She is quiet and polite, as well as energetic and happy. She was always fascinated by the sports played, but she liked volleyball the best. He is the captain of a volleyball team. Always smirking and with uncontrollable bed hair. ...

  • The Orange-Haired Boy (HINATA SHOYO X READER)
    97.7K 2.7K 22

    Y/N just joined Karasuno. She joins the volleyball team, her dream since she's been little kid. She's a setter wanting to beat all the other school. On the first day of school she discovers that her and the boy's volleyball team will train together. Read for her adventures in the Karasuno volleyball team, along with t...