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  • Maria Hill and Melinda May One Shots
    6.1K 174 19

    Because everyone just loves our two resident badasses so come read some one shots about the two and only Maria Hill and Melinda May.

  • We'll fix it/us or die trying
    2.6K 103 24

    She hasn't slept for 72 hours straight. That's what Melinda blames it on when she gets kidnapped by Ward. Ward tries to make her talk but he should know better. After all, she is the Cavalry. Coulson realises something is wrong when she doesn't report back a day later. All of their safe houses are compromised so he m...

  • Agents of Shield Short Stories
    3.4K 130 4

    Collection of short stories from the TV show Agents of Shield. Comment and leave ships/prompts if you want a specific pairing.

  • Forgotten 2
    647 46 8

    Their unbreakable friendship did break Skye is facing her demons and Ward is trying to move on What happens when they meet again

  • Forgotten
    1.3K 79 11

    Their un breakable friend ship, came to an end in one night and was no longer cared for...

  • Everything's Going to be Alright (Philinda Fanfiction)
    632 23 1

    This is a post finale fic that I wrote prior to watching the Season 2B premiere! I'm sorry I haven't written in a while! This is for @storytime-writings on tumblr! I told you and 4 other people back in November that I'd write you a fic...xD I'm so sorry it's taken so long! This is a little Angsty but still pretty fluf...

  • the academy ➢ fitzsimmons
    21.7K 841 20

    ➢ ❝Leopold Fitz, meet your new partner, Jemma Simmons.❞ ❝Oh yeah, I know who she is.❞ ❝We're best friends.❞

    298 11 1

    Just some short fluffy Philinda one-shots PS.Philinda are end game

  • Stay With Me (Marvel Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D Fanfiction)
    22.4K 449 10

    May and Coulson fanfiction! Everybody thinks May and Coulson should get together but everybody knows it could go south. The way they look at each other and the way May always has Coulson's back the team can see it. But are May and Coulson keeping a secret from the team are they Skye's parents? -Philinda-Skyeward-Fitz...

  • Philinda adopt Skye
    499 12 2

    Skye is a ten year old girl that has spent her whole life in the care system, she finds it difficult to trust after more then her fair share of bad homes, she had tried to run away from the orphanage a few too many times too so she is placed in the care of Melinda May-Coulson and Phillip Coulson. They are both experie...

  • Family Life (Philinda Fanfiction)
    1.2K 32 1

    This is a long overdue gift for my amazing friend (I hope!) @melindathecavalrymay! Oh my goodness, I know it has been such a long time since I promised I would write this, but I finally have finished it! Melinda and Phil, parents of a sassy and feisty six-year-old little girl named Skye, own a Café and Bookstore in Po...

  • I Won't Give Up (Philinda Fanfiction)
    1.2K 48 1

    This is going to be a series of One-Shots for Philinda! Total fluff and perhaps some angst. I'm not sure yet, but I'm getting new prompts every chapter. I use some prompts from a tumblr blog called OTPPrompts and some of my own, but if you have any ideas that you want me to write, I'll do my best to add it in for you...

  • Philinda Stuff
    1K 24 1

    Just a bunch of Philinda stuff. I have no idea where this is going so bear with me!

  • Philinda: I'm here
    1.3K 55 2

    A philinda one shot at the motel after Phil finds out Melinda was 'betraying' him. Just a cute fluff makeup scene the way i believe it should have went down. First actual fanfic so give me feedback :)

  • Agents of SHIELD - One-Shots
    1K 60 3

    Just as the title says- one shots centred around our beloved Agents of SHIELD. (You will find the other ships here, but everything Philinda-related stays in the Philinda book. I will focuse more on Philinda, obviously).

  • I Need the Calvary
    1.6K 58 3

    A man who goes by Cortès wants his hands on the Calvary, Agent Melinda May. Ward was captured by him and was forced to get May for him. But the question is why? If you want to find out, please read.

  • Her Smile (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Fanfiction)
    5.3K 159 5

    She wasn't an easy person to love, maybe because she didn't know how, or maybe she was just afraid to love again. But ever since Bahrain she lost the will to love, she pushed those she cared for most away, it was to protect them from ever getting hurt again... -------------- Melinda May and Phil Coulson have just foun...

  • all I want for Christmas is you
    10.8K 530 23

    [FINISHED] Philinda's Christmas Journey

  • Philinda: I'm not going anywhere
    1.7K 65 2

    Melinda May is gone on vacation and Phil Coulson is crumbling apart. 2nd philinda short of mine, feedback is welcome!

  • FitzSimmons
    1.9K 51 5

    I'm trash for Fitzsimmons so here are some one shots that have come out of my fangirl mind... 1•"You're pregnant?" 2• Vacation 3• Cold Tea 4• 19 Years 5• Cookies?

  • Biochemist and the Engineer
    570 17 10

    Beauty and the Beast + FitzSimmons mashup //the Framework! but with a twist// When Jemma enters the Framework on a mission to rescue Fitz, her memories are replaced as well. With Hydra on her tail the moment she enters, one of the organization's leaders, Grant Ward, proposes that she join his branch. Refusing his offe...

  • The Father's Return
    7.4K 218 16

    When Agent May is suddenly attacked and kidnapped by an unearthly stranger, Coulson and his team of S.H.I.E.L.D agents race against time to find her. Who is this stranger and where did he come from? Can they trust him as he suddenly decides to help them? And why does he look so longingly at Skye? No one knows the secr...

  • FitzSimmons Captured
    511 19 5

    May and Coulson is on a secret mission and Fitzsimmons stay on the BUS with Ward and Skye then someone captures fitzsimmons and tortures them until they tell them how to make the GH formula.

  • Hand in Hand
    2.7K 99 6

    Melinda May and Phil Coulson (Philinda) one-shots Rated T for violence only, no smut Feel free to send in prompts! (:

  • water under the bridge
    182 10 2

    》"if you're gonna let me down, let me down gently."《 iain de caestecker || elizabeth Henstridge 《 "our love ain't water under the bridge" 》 written by me [@hazisababe] inspired by the adele song "water under the bridge" disclaimer: i do not own any of the characters in this story. the only thing i own is my purely fic...

  • Agents of Shield // Philinda One Shots
    6.5K 293 12

    This book contains One shots about the most beautiful couple you will find on tv❤ If you want, you can leave requests. And I think there will be a lot of mistakes because English isnt my first language, so if you hate stories with mistakes dont read this one😉

  • Philinda One-Shots
    50.4K 2.5K 70

    This is gonna be a series of Philinda OneShots MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!!! (you will be warned) Feel free to send me prompts! Pic from cover drawn by @blessyo4 (see on Tumblr)

  • Unbreakable| A Philinda Fanfic
    5.8K 242 13

    [*Takes place in the beginning of S3 with a little bit of a twist*] Phil Coulson is the director of shield, always ready to lead, to fight and to protect. But what he wasn't ready for was the absence of his bestfriend, the person he cares for the most, Melinda May. Melinda May is the cavalry and one of the most best a...

  • Philinda One Shots~more than "just friends"
    6.6K 258 15

    Basically one shots about Melinda May and Phil Coulson and how they are more than friends