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  • Deleterious (Michael Myers x Reader)
    62.4K 3K 57

    deleterious - adj. harmful, destructive, detrimental -- (First Name) (Last Name) is your average 20-year-old girl who is trying to live her life after receiving amnesia from a car accident. Curious about her past, she moves back to Haddonfield to recover her lost memories. Unfortunately for her, she was kidnapped by t...

  • The Seven Deadly Sins X Reader (OneShots)
    164K 2.2K 62

    Okay the beginning of this one shot book is OLD and it has a lot of grammar mistakes. It gets better as you progress on I promise. With that said, please enjoy reading this one shot :)

  • Zeldris' Love: Zeldris X Reader
    1.5K 43 13

    Y/n is an ordinary girl with the ability to see people's true natures. At least that's what she thinks. She used to be an experiment, but she had her memory wiped from her. She runs from the demon clan, but one demon is strange. She sees something different in him. She sees him as someone with beautiful green eyes, b...

  • The 3,000 Year Promise
    86.4K 2.6K 29

    Living forever is usually a blessing. To you and your fiancé, Meliodas, who have lived for over 3,000 years, it is anything but a blessing. You have seen almost everything imaginable in 3,000 years that you've been alive, and it never changes with Meliodas either: being cursed to fall in love with the same woman over...

  • Meliodas The Dragon Sin (16+)
    166K 3.4K 33

    (Y/N) is out on a journey to find herself, when she stumbles upon the Boar Hat. She see's the guy who broke her heart ten years ago, when she was only thirteen. No, they weren't together, but they were best of friends. When she see's him again he's taken notice to her, and promised to find the Seven Deadly Sins and pr...

  • Michael Myers Imagines ✔️ (STILL UPDATING)
    179K 5.6K 111

    "It is a man's own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways" Inspiration for the chosen version of Michael goes to Tyler Mane and Daeg Faerch Some of these are dark and some are more light, I do a little bit of both Based on Rob Zombie's remake (2007) {do not steal my work} Warning: PLOT HOLES, MAJOR...

  • Michael Myers Imagines [2] *OPEN TO REQUESTS!*
    3.7K 107 9

    "Darkest minds tend to hide behind the most unlikely faces" Imagines that might be slightly better considering I have more experience writing for Michael now. timelines include: 1978 -Halloween- 2007 -Rob Zombie's Halloween- 2018 -Halloween 40years later- 1981 -Halloween 2- 2021 (when it's released) -Halloween Kill...

  • Insane | Billy Loomis x Reader
    36.8K 1.1K 15

    •Billy Loomis x Reader• There was nothing Y/n Prescott hated more than her sister's boyfriend, Billy Loomis. Still, she'd never even dreamt of the day she'd become acquainted with him after a few murders and one hell of a phone call. ◇Started: September 30th, 2019 ~ ◇Ended: //

  • Night Time (Trevor Jackson Superfly)
    20.6K 865 10

    In the night time I find We start to lose control Cause in the night time The moon is so bright Animals we turn into But it only happens when I'm with you baby You be scratching, biting Got you howling at me when I get it In the night time I know you feel it, babe All this sinning There ain't no forgiveness when I'm i...

  • Detroit: Become Human Oneshots
    154K 4.8K 39

    Many, many oneshots about the characters (mostly Connor) in the game Detroit: Become Human. x Readers ...or anything your brain can think of, really. SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN't FINISHED THE GAME. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE CHARACTERS NOR THE GAME ITSELF, THANK YOU.

  • Deadpool X Reader: Maximum Effort
    60.6K 1.5K 14

    This is an X Reader story that will take you on an adventure with the Merc with a Mouth. There is strong language and suggestive material. So readers, YOU WERE WARNED. I'm not very good at story telling so please bear with me. I tend to get too descriptive but I feel that it helps you immerse yourself in the story.

  • Michael Jackson Imagines
    121K 3K 83

    In this book you will find all sorts of imagines you can think of with the King Of Pop and you: funny, sexy, cute, sad... Requests are always open!

  • Michael Jackson Imagines 2
    56.8K 1.3K 197

    Your life with Michael continues in these imagines this is my second book imagines you guys loved the first set of imagines i hope you'll love these ones.

  • Michael Jackson Imagines
    3K 57 11

    A couple of cute short storys, about Michael, mostly with Y/N in it, but sometimes I write other scenarios. I hope you like it tho. Enjoy ☺

  • ⚠️ 18+ ⚠️ Infidelity {MICHAEL JACKSON X READER}
    161K 4.1K 25

    This short story takes place in Michael's Bad Era, right after Michael had finished The Way You Make Me Feel music video with Tatiana. You are Michael's close friend in this story, you know him personally.. a bit too close I should say. This is also in the POV of you for the entirety of the story, I might switch it up...

  • Total Drama Imagines (COMPLETED)
    231K 5.8K 184

    this book has been completed as of 9/14/20 Basically what the title says is the summary of this book Cover is by the amazing @Dramatic_Tot, not me. She's so amazing so definitely check her out I don't own Total Drama, this is just a fan fiction. All characters and canon plots belong to the original creator! Ranked #4...

    Completed   Mature
  • Totally Dramatic «Total Drama x Reader Oneshots»
    39.5K 618 15

    Some much needed oneshots for this fandom. REQUESTS ARE CLOSED. male, female, and gender neutral pronouns EDIT - SLOW UPDATES BC OF SCHOOL {cannon x cannon || cannon x reader}

  • His Girl - Jason Voorhees x Reader {Rewrite}
    371K 15.1K 52

    (THIS GOT REWRITTEN) [PLEASE NOTE: The cover is not usually blurry, I created this with PhotoShop and made it with 300 resolution and 1024x1600, so it SHOULD look pristine. Also, I'm basing this Jason (appearance-wise) on Part 3 Jason. This Jason Voorhees is played by Richard Brooker, who has BLUE eyes. I don't want a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unexpected (Vegeta x Reader)
    13.4K 397 8

    Planet Vegeta never blew up, nor were the Saiyan's ever controlled by Frieza. Vegeta has grown up to be the strongest of all the Saiyan's. It's what he wanted, but his Father see's that he will never surpass him with the way he is right now. King Vegeta gives his son a suggestion. But will Vegeta take it?

  • Crystal Lake Love: Jason Voorhees x reader
    135K 3.8K 24

    (Y/N) is at Camp Crystal Lake, as these type of stories usually start out with. Her friends brought her out to the campgrounds to celebrate graduation before heading to college... __________ When the rumors and beliefs of the infamous serial killer, Jason Voorhees, are suddenly proved to be true, (y/n) is forced to fa...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sonic X Reader: Behind the Scenes (A Sonic Forces Fanfiction)
    49.3K 1.3K 18

    The world has been taken over by Eggman, Sonic is missing, and there is a new villain afoot. What else could go wrong? (Y/N) is a normal Mobian, she is nothing special. But having come across the new villain Infinite the Jackal, she knows she has to do something to help. I mean, how hard could it be? After all, she's...

  • Imagery: Sesshomaru x Pregnant!Reader
    4.3K 73 1

    Dealing with a pregnant woman was never fun, but dealing with a pregnant yokai was borderline impossible. And yet, Sesshomaru found himself doing just that as his tired mate gave another pained cry as she shifted ever so slightly, seven months pregnant and very heavy with pups. - I do not own Inuyasha or any of its ch...

  • Duncan x Reader: BOOK 2!!
    76.1K 1.1K 27

    It's happening y'all I hope your ready for this

  • If Slashers Had Text Messaging [2] •COMPLETED•
    17.6K 1.4K 169

    Just a second part to my first book because i ran out of parts but hey! If you're still wondering what it would be like for horror icons to text each've come to the right place [first ever slasher text messaging story] {do not steal my work} Featuring: @DemonicLlamaa as Bubba's love interest, @sergeantfa...

    Completed   Mature
  • Your The One (Goku x Reader)
    36.6K 682 13

    Goku appears randomly on your Earth, he has no clue where he is and is like a little lost puppy. Of course you recognize him and decide to take him in. But you live out your life with him and he seems to be a little weird. He won't tell you but you'll find out soon. And ohhh what threats await your Earth as well?

  • Inuyasha x reader One shot's
    355K 8.2K 29


  • •pulse•《michael myers x reader》
    31.7K 1.2K 13

    《pulse1 pəls/ noun a rhythmical throbbing of the arteries as blood is propelled through them, typically as felt in the wrists or neck. "the doctor found a faint pulse" synonym: h e a r t b e a t 》 ■■■ You were his best friend, his only friend, and the only one to make him feel that rhythmic beat to signify that he was...

  • Michael Myers x Reader (dbd version)
    55.1K 1.3K 11

    A short adventure of you entering the world of Dead by Daylight. What will it lead you to? Will it be a dangerous hunt or a romance with the famous killer. Read the story to find out more. This is my first story so don't judge me too hard. Thank you for your attention.

  • To Love Michael Myers
    87.8K 1.7K 24

    Y/N moves to a small town in Illinois known by the name of Haddonfield, where a famous serial killer calls home. When Y/N has a confrontation with Michael Myers, she quickly develops feeling for him. Will Y/N, who has lived through so much heartbreak, find love in this serial killer? Will Michael love Y/N? Many un...

  • Mortal Kombat Husband Scenarios [On Hiatus]
    159K 1.7K 26

    Now it's time for the guys from Mortal Kombat to jumped in the marriage bandwagon! Man I always wanted to do this, I love MK!