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  • Undercover Hero (3B Hero Series) Book 4
    35.5K 2.9K 21

    Homicide Detective/Profiler Brittany H. Blanton and her partner Tina M. Jones have been investigating a string of serial killings for months now. Each victim bares a striking resemblance to Tany herself. When the unknown killer strikes again, (this time sooner and more brutally than before) fearing for her identical t...

  • Bear of a Cowboy
    216K 11.7K 27

    Second Lieutenant Avonaco (Bear) Black Feather was a reserve Army Ranger, and Deputy Sheriff. Recently returned from a mission gone bad (where he lost the use of his legs), he stays on the 3B Ranch while his physical wounds heal. Now Honorably Discharged he has little hope of ever returning to a normal life. Gwyne...

  • For Auld Lang Syne (Navy Book 1)
    1.2M 48.6K 34

    Devon Tatum had waited ten years for Josh McIntire to come back into her life. Where he had been for the past ten years was a mystery. He had disappeared from her life after an unexpected kiss, a kiss that had been everything a young Devon had wanted. Now he was back for her sister's wedding, and it seemed fate was g...

  • The Sergeant and The Billionaire [Publishing November 21, 2022]
    562K 7.2K 10

    WE ARE PUBLISHED! The Sergeant and The Billionaire is available on Amazon! *** Sergeant Samantha Wells was given a year off to recuperate. She wasn't functioning well due to the grueling events of her latest excursion. What was she supposed to do now? The military is the only thing she knows. Not to mention the th...

  • Mr. Silent Texas (the FBI Case series)
    48.5K 2K 7

    Samual Texas has been abused since he was a kid, he stopped talking as a kid, and now he was in the FBI and rarely spoke.... but the thing was, he was still being abused! His partner Jasmine can't figure it out and then suddenly begins a violent serial killer was out on the streets........... And Sam's beloved mother...

  • Promise Hardstone, Bounty Hunter (#2 in the FBI case series)
    13.2K 657 13

    Promise Hardstone had always had these strange pure white eyes..... A horrid tragedy struck her family and she lost everyone she loved. Or So she thought. It seemed her sister had survived that horrid night. But the sisters did not reunite until years later with horror stories of there own.... as Promise begin to dis...

  • Saving Who?
    2M 60.2K 41

    She seeked solace in kneading dough and icing tiers of cakes, but Katherina Baker was given an ultimatum by her parents. Choose a career that they wanted her to pursue, or leave. Her grandmother stood by her side and guided her every step of the way. Until they received news about her brother and a certain green-eyed...

  • Naval Scandal
    282K 6.3K 19

    I went to the Captains quarters to find out what he needed. He would probably tell me that I couldn't remain on the ship. I stood at attention, saluting him. "At ease." And then I was in his arms and he was kissing me. I unzipped his uniform jacket and slid it off his shoulders. He pulled my t-shirt over my head, an...

  • My Rowdy Cowboy. (3B Ranch Series) Book 2
    157K 8.4K 25

    With the eighth anniversary of his twin brother's death during a military detail drawing near, Randy (Rowdy) Kincaid bolted upright in bed, breathing heavily. Rowdy, a highly decorated former-Army Ranger, professional bull fighter and cowboy, (from the 3B Ranch) feels responsible for his brother's death. He feels the...

  • Navy Hope
    146K 7.7K 20

    When Val DiPaola founded Beyond the Stars, a therapeutic resort for families of fallen soldiers, she never imagined she'd be hiring her ex. Although Val's moved on since Lucas Derringer walked out of her life fifteen years ago, she's never forgotten him. She can't deny that his experience treating vets with PTSD and h...