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  • Buch 1: You Could Be Mine (Übersetzung)
    244 28 4

    Aberdeen versucht sich an ihren heißen Nachbarn Pierce ranzumachen. Dieser wohnt gegenüber der Wohnung, die sie mit ihrer besten Freundin Jasey teilt. Als sie in einem Club realisiert, dass der junge Mann, auf den sie immer wieder trifft niemand anderes ist, als Izzy Stradlin, Mitglied der bekannten Band Guns n' Roses...

  • Eyes of the infected ✔ [COMPLETED]
    209K 10.5K 27

    In the space of a few hours, Harley Sawyer's world is turned upside down. Ripped from everything she knows, her and the majority of the UK are forced to fight for their lives when a mystery virus kills thousands upon thousands of people. With no cure and more people becoming infected by the minute, the world begins t...

  • Guns N Roses One-Shots (vv gay)
    117K 2.3K 54

    Because I am trash. Smut and fluff. Request stuff. iiii]; )'

    Completed   Mature
  • Counterfeit Children (KURT COBAIN)
    7.2K 306 28

    Gardenia and Kurt were childhood friends, painfully close, saliva close, in fact once they cut their fingers when their mothers weren't looking and swirled them together, therefore binding them by blood. The seventies didn't exactly warn of blood borne diseases, so they were siblings even. But when the feelings grow t...

  • Louder Than Words ✨ Guns N' Roses
    4.7K 239 10

    Sometimes silence holds more meaning than even the lengthiest of speeches. It's something Steph must learn when she moves to Los Angeles to pursue a career in writing, reconnecting with a certain hot-headed childhood friend of hers, and more importantly, meeting the curly-headed stranger with a mysterious ineptitud...

  • Quarantine
    887K 58.5K 71

    When a deadly disease ravages the town of Holmsley, Frankie and her friends find themselves trapped inside a military-blockaded quarantine zone. ***** A story that was first published in 2014 and feels more relevant than ever. Fifteen-year-old Frank...

  • Crash - Guns N Roses Fanfiction
    63.6K 2.6K 40

    In which a young woman by the name of Cassidy Goodwin lets five strangers into her home... I do not own the members or music of Guns N Roses (but you probably could have guessed that anyway). Best rankings: #1 in classicrock #6 in izzystradlin #7 in saulhudson #10 in hardrock

    Completed   Mature