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  • Girl with a golden heart.. (Completed )
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    # 1 -yourstoryindia on 10 Nov 2020 #13- Indian on 30 Jan 2022 #1 - Indianstory on 10 April 2022 It is a story about Diya who faces rejections and hardships in her life due to her colour. With no friends and family support how will Diya lead her life? Join me in this story to know about Diya and her life.. This story...

  • My Heart Belongs To You (Complete)
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    Ananya Mehta : 22 years old. She is caring , loyal , honest. A bit conservative but trust people easily. Madly in love with a person from the day she understood the meaning of love . Armaan Jain : 22 years old He is a Greek god. Loves travelling , extrovert and have many friends.Dont believe in love but fell head ove...

  • The Perfect Match
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    Currently in Hot list. Highest Rank in romance - #9 as of 16th October 2017 Second highest rank in Romance - #11 as of 17th October 2017___ A sacrifice is what Amaya did eight years back to save her family's reputation. Little did she know that her life was never going to be the same. Today, i.e eight years later, she...

  • I Will Make You Mine, This Is My Promise
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    He pinned her to the wall by grabbing her arm and stood too close to her. So close that their noses and foreheads were touching. "You look hurt, Maira. Your eyes are reflecting your pain. Is it because you are finally realizing your feelings for me?" Hearing his words, Maira felt a shiver run down her spine. She gat...

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    Highest Rank #1 - Destiny #1 - Truth #1 - Marriage #2 - India #2 - Faith Book 1 of Raichand - Mehra - Malhotra Series * Editing In Process * What happens when your marriage is on the foundation of some pieces of papers and not on Love, Trust and Respect? " You better remember Ahana Sehgal, Oh sorry it's Ahana Raic...