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  • Camping Gone Wrong | #Archieverse #WattRiverdale
    14 1 1

    Archie and his friends go camping after a brutal incident that took place at Riverdale High. They just want to distract themselves and enjoy a little since they felt as though they had grown distant from each other. However, things take a weird turn when their casual camping night turns into a sinister urban legend. ...

  • We are Not Friends
    43 9 2

    Penelope Blossom invited Alice Smith for a spa treatment.

  • new year, new me [archie andrews]
    24 1 1

    submission for riverdale contests january Archie Andrews was the sunnyboy in other people's eyes. But he knew better. He had done many reckless things which he shouldn't have done in the first place and now he had to deal with the consequences. Will a new year change him? Or will he just continue the life he lived bef...

  • Snow Gust (1st Position Winner Of Riverdale's Contest)
    18 3 1

    #riverdale #contest #snowgust #magic #mystical When Harvey Damien, the only son of Mrs. Damien adventured far away to the cave of the Ice dragon, he knew he was initiating something that had to end with one being dead, but he was willing to take the risk, what he didn't know was the anger of the dragon, could cause a...

  • Born to Fly
    490 79 1

    My version of Toni Topaz's backstory since the Riverdale writers are not capable of including one in an episode or giving the girl a proper storyline that she deserves. (Oneshot) A contest entry for @WattpadRiverdale... The maximum word count was 2200, and it was super hard to write such a short story (at first it cam...

    Completed   Mature
  • Agarth
    104 14 2

    Travel to Agarth, an alternate Earth with Betty. Watch as she tries to save the land no one has... Yet. And just hope she does.

  • Only Option | Riverdale
    67 4 1

    How Jason felt about his and Polly's future before the fateful day of July 4th. |+| WINNER of the @WattpadRiverdale #BackToTheBeginning contest! |+| *The opinion expressed on teen pregnancy is how I think JASON interpreted it, don't @ me because you think it's my personal view that you disagree with*

  • Riverdale: Drinking Game
    261 12 2

    Betty and Veronica need a way to blow off steam after the pressure of pretending to be a couple for their stalker. They do the only thing they can. Part of the @WattRiverdale "It's just a prank bro" prompt contest

  • Riverdale: The Heart of the Matter
    114 8 2

    Valentine's Day is upon us and Betty Cooper is trying to figure out what to write to someone special. Part of the @WattRiverdale Cupid's Note Challenge.

  • PENN- A Riverdale Story
    192 25 5

    There's a new guy moving into a town called Riverdale but no one cares or notice him. Until something happens that involves him save the day and earn a recognition of his name. Who is he? And most importantly, why is he in Riverdale?

  • Dire Straits (A Riverdale One Shot)
    65 4 1

    A troubled memory from the past haunts Alice Cooper. She receives a mysterious letter from an unknown individual who happened to know a fragment of an incident that took place 21 years ago.

  • Riverdale: Double Take
    137 6 2

    Part of the #AHauntingRiverdale challenge with #CoffeeCommunity and #WattRiverdale. Betty goes to a rave with her friends and sees things she could never imagine.

  • Jughead vs Riverdale
    256 9 3

    Being a Serpent ended up being much better than what Jughead had predicted, it made him feel apart of something - it gave him a family . And he was still the Jughead Archie and Betty had always known. Until Ian, a fellow Serpent and friend of Jughead, is accused of breaking into Riverdale High. Ian swears he's innocen...

  • Riverdale: Pandora's Box
    132 4 2

    Winner of the @WattRiverdale #RiverdaleMystery challenge prompt. Alice Cooper begins receiving messages and photographs of her daughter Betty from an unknown person, and then a box arrives at her door.

    43 2 1

    In commemoration of #riverdalemystery contest. Fred Andrews was working in his construction site with the rest of his crew. It was supposed to be an ordinary Tuesday, but in Riverdale. Ordinary is over rated.

  • Murder at Tates
    60 5 1

    Archie and the gang are meeting up at Pop Tates before heading over to Reggie's for a wild Halloween party. When the lights suddenly go off then pop back on a few minutes later everyone thinks it's a trick but the dead body in the ladies' restroom is very real.

  • murder at pop tate's
    93 6 1

    Pop Tate's diner is the center of attraction of all the young residents of Riverdale. Like any other day, Archie and his gang are hanging out at theur usual spot, enjoying their sips of delicious coffee and sweet delicacies. All of a sudden, the lights go off. Darkness invades every corner of the diner. Everyone stop...

  • Whodunit? // Riverdale
    77 2 1

    //This is for a contest! I have not really watched Riverdale, so some characters may be off. I'm trying my best!// When the lights go out at Pop Tates, everything goes down. People begin to disappear and are found dead. Everyone's afraid, unsure of what's going on or who's next. The only question is...Whodunit?

  • Framed// A Riverdale One Shot
    222 19 1

    Betty and her friends are hanging out at Pop's Diner, discussing their findings related to Jason Blossom's death when another suspicious murder goes down... Part of the Murder at Pop Tates' Contest!