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  • Give him back to me, or so help me god
    43.4K 1.6K 10

    ...aka that time Ross took Tony's Spidy-son, and Tony was 39237234% not okay with it. *Kudos to the artist Sami Pray for the cover-work

  • 5 Times Peter Fell, and Tony caught him. And the 1 Time Tony didn't.
    44.7K 1.8K 6

    Peter has a nasty habit of falling. And Tony, bless him, will catch him every. single. time. Until the day he can't.

  • ✯ 𝕀𝕣𝕠𝕟𝕕𝕒𝕕 ✯
    150K 4.3K 27

    • Irondad & Spiderson oneshots • I take requests, just message me :) •These aren't in any order (unless I say so) • Peter, Tony, or ANY of the other characters mentioned in this series don't belong to me. Marvel owns these characters. • June 27: holy heck we hit 13k! • July 2: 18k? How? • July 4: 20k :0 • July 17: 34k...

  • Peter Parkour and the fam//oneshots
    99.2K 3.1K 42

    Another irondad-spiderson-superfam oneshots book. My other story got to 100 chapters so I wanted a new one. Enjoy. Again, none of these characters belong to me except a few.

  • Athazagoraphobia
    11.7K 392 16

    After some thinking, Amara decides that Dean needs both his parents. Only, she didn't know his past. And what John did to Dean growing up. And now that he's back, Dean might regress back to his scared 22-year-old self. #1 in Destiel #1 in Rowena #1 in Athazagoraphobia #1 in Sabriel #2 in JohnWinchester

  • Searching the Darkness
    13.1K 902 44

    Silence is the worst darkness of all. Dean Winchester lost his sight when he was eight years old. His best friend became his little brother, Sam, who helped him through his early struggles. Soon, Dean meets Castiel, a barista working at the local coffee shop. They become closer than Dean has been with anyone in years...

  • Alone
    26.5K 839 4

    4-Part Fic "I'm sorry. I'm going to try to be brave, Mister. Stark, but I don't know if I can. I'm really scared... and I, um, I don't want to die." Iron Man and Spider-Man

  • Agent Parker
    106K 3.5K 30

    Based off the One Shot Agent Parker, from my Peter Parker's Adventures. In this one, Aunt May and Uncle Ben were killed in a car accident, in an attempt to get to Peter, due to his parents enemies. So, Peter ended in SHIELD's protection where he was trained. The story takes place in different parts ot the MCU story...

  • peter parker [5+1 collection one shots]
    362K 13K 47

    your favorite dorky spider guy in a multitude of 5+1 one shots. . . . cover drawn by @bitweary ❤️ . . . [255 in spiderman] [224 in peterparker] [166 in tomholland] [162 in tonystark] [249 in iron man] [203 in avengers] . . . [index] collection 1: the five times peter parker shocked the avengers (and the one tim...

  • The Chilling Realities Of Hunting And Being Hunted
    7.2K 403 5

    All Peter and Tony had to do was cross the mountains. That's it. Just climb a few hills and get to the annual Stark Convention. Tony wanted to try something different, a father-son trip as opposed to just taking the boring old private jet. Maybe stop at a cabin on the way back, taking a little family vacation. They di...

  • Trapped
    163K 7.9K 22

    When Alexandra 'Alex' Ryan was ten, both of her parents were murdered in front of her eyes and the killers were never brought to justice. She was haunted by the memory of that incident all her life, but that didn't stop her from joining the FBI, following in her father's footsteps. She got partnered with Liam Hunt, an...

  • Open Case File
    2.1M 132K 109

    Though the last chapter is read that doesn't mean the story is over. One shots for A Secret Service including Prom, Wedding, Missions and so much much more! Mainly cause you kept asking for them and I have a bad habit of listening. 🙄You control me and it's not even funny 🤦🏽♀️. Enjoy! 😄

  • Life in Color ✔️
    10.9M 396K 67

    Book 1 in the "Life in-" series Scarlett Rain Rhodes is just like every other 17 year old high school Junior. She goes to school, makes good grades, cheers on her schools squad and tries to stay out of drama. What makes her different is the fact that she is responsible for taking care of her four siblings after her...

  • Hurt and Abused
    432K 15.5K 31

    After being abused by her father for years, Celine is sent to a boarding school where she meets a group of guys that teach her what a life without abuse is like.

  • Welcome To Hell Boys ✔
    8.4M 350K 54

    Highest rank - #1 in humor 28/9/2017 Imagine this ~ You think that you are sleeping in your comfortable bed, next to your 3 year old brother who's so cozy and warm, but you open your eyes to see 3 hot, charming and good looking guys staring at you... but the worst part is that you are in a moving car laying on their l...

  • The Bad Boy Saved Me // (1)
    1.4M 9K 6

    I HAVE MADE A NEW, EDITED VERSION OF THIS BOOK WITH A NEW TITLE CALLED "Forever Bound" PLEASE GO CHECK THAT ONE OUT INSTEAD, ALL OF THE CHAPTERS HAVE ALREADY BEEN POSTED ❤️❤️ His reasons are always the same. One slap, because I was a mistake. Two kicks, because he's stuck with me. Three punches, because in his eyes I...

    Completed   Mature
  • Still With Me
    21.4M 969K 44

    This is the third and final book in the "With Me" Series. You must read the first two books ("She's With Me" and "Stay With Me") in order to understand this one as it is a continuation. Who will Charlotte end up with? Will Noah and Chase ever be friends again? How will the relationship between Mason and Amelia progres...

  • Stay With Me (Book 2, the With Me series)
    48.2M 2.1M 75

    Stay With Me is now published as a Wattpad Book! As a Wattpad reader, you can access both the Original Edition and Books Edition upon purchase. In this sequel to She's With Me, tensions are high as secrets are unraveled after Aiden's arrest. Amelia and Aiden are strong, but even the strongest can sink under the weight...

  • She's With Me (Book 1, the With Me series)
    142M 5.2M 69

    WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION Amelia Collins is in witness protection, starting at a new school in a small town. But when she becomes involved with the most infamous guy at school, she's reminded that she can never truly escape her tragic past. ***** Wh...

  • A Woman's Best Friend
    2M 89.9K 78

    When Allie is in need of a new seeing eye dog, she is set up with one that nobody else wants. He's big, scruffy, playful and very intuitive. And from what she can feel and her friends tell her, he looks like he should be an attack-dog for the police, not a guide dog for a blind girl. It's a dog that will change...

  • Like Father, Like Son ✔
    3.3M 122K 47

    Cat Logan is a single teen mother with a deadbeat ex-boyfriend and parents that haven't spoken to her since she got herself knocked up at the age of sixteen. She's been making it in the world all on her own and has been raising a child that she loves more than anything. She's used to men running for the hills the mome...

  • Protecting Jennifer [COMPLETED]
    43K 1.7K 28

    Jen was out of options. Forced to move in with her brother and the flatmate who clearly doesn't want her there, she's determined to stay out of everyone's way. She knew all too well what would happen if she let someone get close. No one could ever know her secret. Unfortunately she isn't given a choice as a past flame...

  • The Numbers on Her Wrist
    1.1M 43.8K 44

    Best rank: #1 in Action! Included in Action's Featured List! Amelia Reyes has been raised within an orphanage her entire life, but she just recently broke free of their grasp. The men who raised her taught her the skills of a street fighter. They taught her to take pain. They taught her how to survive. They taught her...

  • Maybe One Day
    28.6M 755K 33

    Hayley Donovan has been in love with Jace Hammond for years, but as they finally begin to grow close, they're pulled apart by the ghosts of their pasts. ***** Hayley Donovan has been in love with her bes...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Thousand Words | ✓
    31.9M 1.1M 46

    Reece Bremer goes through life with a scowl and cold personality. Jessica Andrews goes through life with a glowing smile and positive outlook. Reece looks at life with dull, judgmental eyes that make him hate the world and the people living in it. Jessica, well... She looks at life through a camera. Literally. They...

  • Protection
    103K 3.9K 27

    Kelly Crawford, a smart, beautiful and decent twenty-four year old, who got a job working as the assistant of Shaun Morgan. Although she tries to forget about her long history of suffering, it still doesn't change the fact that she gets abused by her father at home. Shaun Morgan, a handsome twenty-six year old million...

  • The Personal Assistant.
    19.6M 770K 59

    "James McGregor, CEO of McGregor industries, has passed away yesterday evening after a long battle with cancer. James McGregor, aged 63, was one of the-" Elizabeth shut the TV off, she couldn't bear to listen to this... She had been there when it happened, she did not need it to be repeated. Elizabeth Waverton had be...

  • Deadland Rising (part 3 of the Deadland Saga)
    758K 37.4K 33

    Winter has arrived. It has been nearly one year since the zombie hordes claimed the world. As the plague eats away at its victims' bodies, the Fox survivors search for a safe place to rebuild what they have lost. But a dangerous new threat has risen, hunting them from every direction. To survive, Cash, Clutch, and th...

  • Deadland's Harvest (part 2 of the Deadland Saga)
    1.3M 50.4K 33

    The seven deadly sins with a shambling twist. It has been one hundred days since the zombies claimed the world. Cash, along with forty-two survivors, have found safety in the secluded and well-guarded Fox National Park. The leaves are changing colors, a beautiful, brutal reminder that winter is coming. As the survivo...

  • 100 Days in Deadland (part 1 of the Deadland Saga)
    3.2M 81.4K 34

    In one day, the world succumbed to a pestilence that decimated the living. In its place rose a new species: vicious, gruesome, wandering zombies with an insatiable hunger for the living. Still in her twenties, Cash has watched her friends die, only to walk again. An office worker with few survival skills, she joins up...