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  • Mech-X6
    219 5 1

    Brooklyn is Mark's Best friend and crush. Sydney is Brooklyn little sister and Ryan's crush. Both have secrets neither one will tell but as time goes by those secrets will reveal themselves. Will the team trust them after their secrets are reveal or will they turn their backs on them?

  • Mech X4 : Ryan's deadly choice
    5.5K 217 11

    Ryan has to make a life changing decision in a battle versus Traeger. What will he choose? Read to find out more!

  • Mech X4 Betrayed
    4.3K 128 13

    Traeger has kidnapped Ryan with the help of Harris who was supposed to be Ryan's friend, but is it truly Harris's fault or is there something more sinister happening. Read to find out Based after Versus Harris

  • Mech x4 : A new technopath
    28.4K 589 31

    Jessica is a new student at bay city high , she meets Ryan and his group .They both fell for each other .But will Jessica's past allow her to love someone?and who's the new technopath?

  • Versus The Power!
    868 35 5

    No Harper means no chaos...yeah that's where your wrong. Though Seth may be gone, a technopath's own personal and robotic journey is far from done.

    Completed   Mature
  • Mech x4: The Way of the Technopath
    1.5K 43 8

    WARNING: very likely includes spoilers if you are not up to date with the mech x4 series and the mech x4 episode where the boss/main villain is revealed! Description: The Boss's goals change, Ryan is forced to hide, and the world must now bow down to the villain's new regime. Basic summarization of story = alternate...

  • Robots and lovers
    707 22 15

    Mia,lelo,Sidney,and Jaiden are all best friends Jaiden is dating spider while the rest of the girls are single just like Ryan,mark,and Harris what will happen when the three boys are finally done with being single and each try and win the hearts of the three rebelious girls

  • Lightning Girl
    52.4K 2.2K 73

    Iris had always been moving around the country and she was excited to find out that she was finally going to stay in one place for more then a year. She goes to Bay City High and meets Ryan, Spyder, and Harris. Soon she finds our their secret and decides to help them out and she never mentions that she had a secret of...

  • Mech X-4 Plus Two More
    2.9K 80 9

    Ember (me) and Storm (lightning-striker198) are "normal" BFFs freshman at Bay City High. Well... that's not completely true. Ember is a blue fire dragonslayer and Storm is a Weather mage. Under the fake names of Amber and Remy, they meet Ryan and Mark and join the Mech X-6 crew. will they find friends, foes, or fall i...

  • Mech X-5?
    545 9 4

    Alyssa has gone looking for her twin brother Ryan. When she finds him in Mech X-4, things go off on a bad start. Can Alyssa get things through to her twin and adoptive brother? Will Leo know if the power had split and they both have the ability to control Mech X-4 if one is badly hurt? Or does Leo have to create anoth...

  • Polarize (A Mech-X4 Fanfic)
    4.8K 158 12

    The world is ending, and this time it isn't Seth Harper's fault.

  • Mech-X5 (Ryan Walker x Reader)
    18.2K 367 11

    Ryan Walker didn't know he had the power to control electronics with his mind until he awoken Mech x5. Mia didn't know how she got the power of her eyes changing color depending on her mood. Moods Happy- rainbow Sad- blue Mad- red Confused- purple Scared- gray Worried- yellow Regular eye color- brown Lying- green...

  • Mech X-3?
    44.7K 1K 61

    Rochelle Webster; 14, awkward, you're average Freshman girl. Except for the fact that she's a technopath that just started going to Bay City High and is the pilot of a gigantic, female, robot; who is also the co-protector of the town. And she still has class in the morning. Just wait until she meets Ryan walker and hi...

  • Mech-X4; Loving You While Saving The World
    19.2K 412 14

    What happens when (Y/N) meets Ryan Walker, the pilot of Mech-X4. What happens when sparks fly and the endangerment of Mech-X4 begins?

  • Mech-x4 x-reader
    44.2K 821 20

    Ryan is a boy with the power to control technology, but when he meets a new girl at school with a power of her own, what will the Mech-x4 team do to keep her safe?

  • Survival (mech-X4/Ryan) ***COMPLETED***
    5.7K 165 15

    With his life in a line, will Mark, Spyder and harris have to tell everyone there secret to save there best friends and brothers life?

  • A Book Of Mech-x4 One-Shots
    4.2K 78 4

    Just a book full of one-shots. These are just things I had in mind and decided to write down. Just a bunch of friendship and brotherly fluff :) Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN MECH-X4. IT IS RIGHTFULLY OWNED BY DISENY.

  • MECH X4 - The Sapphire [COMPLETE]
    45.5K 1.4K 89

    COMPLETE ---------------------- It's the same story as MECH X4, but there is a twist. A new girl, Teresa, goes to the same school as Ryan and became friends with him or even closer. She has powers and an amulet that's blue, interesting. Later days past by and they both figure out about their powers. Plus there are new...

  • Mech X4: One Shots
    7.3K 118 5

    A bunch of Mech-X4 one shots. Hope you enjoy.

  • Mech X4 : Whump Within Oneshots {Discontinued}
    23.6K 733 30

    A bunch of random Mech X4 stories and whump! It's a bunch of hurt!Ryan and hurt!team stories. (Mostly hurt!Ryan stories) That, and other junk. No OCs in this story. If there ever comes a need I will leave a warning in the chapter beforehand and keep the character minor, I promise. And when I promise something, I don'...

  • Mech X4: Resurgence
    2.6K 95 5

    Ryan Walker was just a normal teenager starting his first year at highschool...that is until he discovered he had the ability to control anything electrical. He was a technopath. And he had a robot called Mech X4 that was made just for him or someone with his abilities. Now with his brother Mark and his two best frien...

  • A MECH-X4 Story: Rescue
    7.1K 219 12

    This takes place after episode 6 (Let's survive in the woods). Mark has been taken and it is up to Ryan and crew to get him back.