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  • Immunity [A Splatoon2 Fanfic]
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    Sequel to 'Inkblot' After two years, it seems Inkopolis is finally cleansed of the Inkblot disease. If only the same could be said for Octo Valley. A young Octoling stumbles upon an underground place where Inkblot runs rampant and his naive personality just might doom everyone... ---- ⚠️Trigger Warning!⚠️ This...

  • Inkblot [A Splatoon2 Fanfic]
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    Dating back to the Great Turf War in Octarian territory, located in a laboratory that's now abandoned a horrible disaster struck. Today's generation shrugged it off as a myth, and survivors laugh about it and change the subject. They've been in peace from the pure terror for generations... And now he's become Patient...