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  • 𝙜𝙚𝙣𝙞𝙚 ➢ 𝙮𝙚𝙤𝙣𝙟𝙪𝙣
    7 3 2

    " you only have 3 wishes. " " 3 only? Bu- " " 3 wishes. " in which a narcissistic and greedy playboy finds a genie lamp

  • VioRose (TXT's Taehyun x Reader)[New]
    27 4 1

    You moved to a house situated near the park, And found out a mysterious violinist, playing requested songs like every weekdays... One time, your brother hired him for his wedding... How will he use his passion in order to communicate with you? He opened his music sheet, and started playing with a specific major chor...

  • My drawings
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    Like the title says lol

  • I+U (TXT oneshots) (TXT x Reader)[New]
    676 122 13

    I + U =??? (me, dreaming about you + you, finding ways on how could I be yours) Friends? Best buddies? Enemies? MUs? Soulmates? TXT one shots about love confessions, romantic moments, dramas and other random experiences about highschool and college love with your bias in TXT... TXT's POV: "You are my first love...

  • C̥ͦu̥ͦt̥ͦe̥ͦ *choi Beomgyu fan fic*
    1K 124 22

    Soojin?? Beomgyu? What roles do they play? ( ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ CHEESY! )

  • ZeRo
    30 13 5

    This is a story about an innocent boy gets kidnapped and woke up losing all of his memories in an experiment lab which is in a whole mess. The young boy is actually a prototype of something....... Will the boy escape the lab and get himself freedom? We will see all of this in ZeRo......

  • 永远陪着妳
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  • 永远陪着你
    64 10 2

    " 我又不好看 人缘不好 身材也就一般般 我那么糟糕 那么多的缺点 你还喜欢我啊?" "是啊 你就是那么多的缺点 但是 我就喜欢不完美的妳 "

  • Break My Heart
    296 10 18

    "Are you going to break my heart again?" "Never," ------- They thought after their extremely painful breakup, they would never come face to face with each other ever again but lucky for Pedro and Daniella, they were doing very well on their own without each other. Unfortunate for them, fate can be very cruel to cer...

  • Imagines
    108 9 8

    Mostly Korean bands... so you can request if you want. Just message me and let me know ;-) ~slow updates~ sorry. Credits to Pink_buds who made this cover

  • The Guy with a Reputation
    193 11 6

    First story,please do tell me my mistakes and I will try to improve. Kyla Pynes (Yes, introduction starting with the main character, cliche I know, but trust me it gets better) is just an ordinary girl who takes her studies seriously. No, she's not a nerd. Her friends are always there for her. She's an only ch...

  • Luffy X Reader
    431 21 14

    "Me"and luffy are crush when we are 9 years old . After 10 years that's means we are 19 years old,would we meet agian? (My english is bad....)(so this 'novel' is writen in chinese)

  • My Rants+Complaints+Secrets= MY LIFE!!!
    293 15 14

    Basically my let out for different miserable parts of my life!!! *A/N: maybe slow updates* Credits to @Pink_buds who made this cover

  • Life At College (Book 1 in the Reality Trilogy)
    48 3 3

    It's all in the title awesome people! :-P Credits to Pink_buds who made this cover and also wrote this story along with two other friends when we were in primary school.