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  • Marvel Role-Play
    16 2 2

    Just like my other roleplays but i hope more people join this then my last "Marvel and DC Roleplay" ((rating is 89 in rules))

  • Video Game I'm Trying To Get Rid Of
    8 0 1

    read the title ((rating is 174 in video))

  • WWE Role-Play
    10 2 1

    if you watch it then you know what to do. and if your a wwe fan then this rp is for you ((rating is 176 in nxt))

  • My Opinions On Horror Movies
    10 0 2

    well in this book. you ask me about a horror movie and i'll give my opinion on it ((rating is 16 in Nightmareonelmstreet))

  • Ask The Sonic Characters
    7 0 1

    read the title ((rating 353 in answers))

  • My Drawing Book
    10.9K 1.4K 133

    I love drawing!So I decided to make a Art book, with all my pictures in it!!!Enjoy!

  • The Monsters in the Woods ~Sonic Yaoi RP~
    380 22 4

    Stay indoors after dark. Creatures linger, and they're thirsty for blood. ((It's kinda like a werewolf rp, but.. not? XD))

  • Crimes Committed by The Seven Menaces
    25 10 3

    From some of the littlest and not so harmful crimes to large and/or very dangerously harmful crimes, The Menaces make their mark each day as they cause havoc on Gothius City. This book is here to show stories of different crimes being committed by the Menaces. Some of these will be solo individual crimes. ***Warning...

  • Blood Lust (Dean Ambrose x reader)
    1.9K 32 2

    The Shield are vampires & you're in their sights. Ambrose takes a liking to you & bites you. What happens to you next?

  • Princes of Gothelanium X Reader OCs Request Book (LIMITED EDITION)
    256 28 6

    Description unavailable at the moment due to Wattpad having trouble saving my description.

  • WWE Preferences 2
    42.6K 832 17

    WWE Preference 2 including... • Dean Ambrose • Roman Reigns • Seth Rollins • Dolph Ziggler • Randy Orton • CM Punk • AJ Styles • Finn Bálor • Edge •Sami Zayn the superstars that were added... • Enzo Amore • Big Cass • Xavier Woods • Neville • Corey Graves If any of you guys want me to add any other superstars. Comment...

  • Disney x reader oneshots
    162K 2.4K 17

    Basically a bunch of oneshots between disney boys and you, i might do some disney x disney later in though. Right now it basically a bunch if disney x reader x Peter Pan Please PM me or comment any requests Hope you like it!

  • Ask Me And The Whole Sonic Crew!
    5.9K 380 61

    Ashley: Hey guys! Ashley here! And this is ask me and the whole Sonic crew! Sonic: Yeah. Including EVERYONE! *chuckles* Ashley: Yep! *blinks* Wait, everyone?! Sonic: You can ask, dare, react or anything! We'll totally do it and be honest! Ashley: *glares at him*

  • Alexa bliss x male reader fanfic
    77.6K 343 14

    In this fanfic you are a young upstart wrestler that all girls fight over, but you have one girl secretly on your mind... Alexa Bliss. What you don't know that she likes you a lot and doesn't think that you like her. A couple smooth jokes and your charm might get you in a relationship with little Ms. Bliss! Key: (Y/rn...

  • Wwe Preferences
    114K 1.6K 169


  • ᴡᴡᴇ ᴘʀᴇғᴇʀᴇɴᴄᴇs
    54.7K 1.1K 54

    Superstars including •Dean Ambrose •Roman Reigns •Seth Rollins •Randy Orton •Neville •Finn Balor

    Completed   Mature
  • The Shield Preferences
    373K 9.6K 172

    The Shield Preferences - Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, & Dean Ambrose REQUESTS ARE CLOSED STARTED - Friday, October 13, 2017 COMPLETED BEFORE EDITING - Monday, August 13, 2018 (The day Dean returned from his injury 😭💕) ... Don't steal my work! You will be reported and I'm not the one to play with! 🙂 Will be edited a...

  • "Forever Mine" Silvaze
    47 3 3

    Their story started a long time ago, back in the game called Sonic 06 but we're not going to talk about that, as you know they have feelings for one other, but will they tell each other how they truly feel or will they forever hide their feelings? find out in "Forever Mine" Silvaze ((rating is 145 in silverthehedgehog...

  • Lovers gotta Love (Sonamy Lemon WARNING Contains lots of activity)
    30.2K 181 13

    A story about what happens between the loving couple, Sonic and Amy. ( I do not own the characters. All characters, including Sonic the hedgehog, Amy Rose the hedgehog, Cream, etc all belong to Sega.) Cover photo: Sonic- tumblr user (panic puppet) Amy- o...

  • Sonic Teams (For RP)
    42 3 6

    Get in a team for any RP I ever had!

  • Jacobrox5656
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    My YouTube vids

  • Sonic Yoi rp
    1.5K 51 11

    RP with the sonic boys

    120 6 2

    30 years Sonic universe comic RP

  • Ask Me, Ashley the Hedgehog!
    616 23 15

    Ask me, Ashley! Since at Quotev, I also have a book about this, so why not make one here!

  • My Sonic Oc's
    533 22 15

    well these will be about my Sonic Oc's so yeah I'm making a book about my sonic oc's ((rating is 49 in species))

  • ♡♡ My Opinion On Sonic Couples! ♡♡
    10.9K 311 43

    Here are my opinions so don't judge and no bad comments plz thank u and enjoy! This book is staying!

  • Info on my Oc
    9 1 2

    My Oc Information

  • Sonamy: Courtesy Calls
    26 1 1

    Sonic has spent many times with Amy, and spent closer moments with her also. But what happens if Amy shows up at his door step with a baby on her hip for his birthday? Read to find out!