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  • what was once digital (vtubers x male reader)(Slow Updates)
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    don't have a description but everything and everyone here belongs to there respective owners and so one there will me 18+ in this lemons as well if you don't like that then you can skip those parts.

  • Arknights: My Special Investigator Partner Can't Be This Cute [OC X Ch'en]
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    Though i am just lowkey journalist, i was tasked to head towards Lungmen City to conduct a special interview to a investigator. But i didn't realize that this is the start of my messy life

  • The Hololive Council (a Hololive Fanfic) *Completed*
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    Are you ready? "The Council has decided your fate!" Concepts of the universe manifest into anthropomorphic-like beings are tasked with maintaining the structure of Earth. To normal denizens, these slip by their minds and humanity is left unbridled. While certain gods exist and preclude humans to go beyond their limi...