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  • Riding Out This Storm
    15.7K 524 32

    Is the Winter Soldier back? Someone wants it to look that way. Can Sharon clear Bucky's name with Natasha's help? Who is orchestrating these attacks? Slow burn, four POVs, Bucky/Nat, Steve/Sharon.

  • mercury ▷ buckynat a.u
    3.7K 266 4

    ❝In which James Buchanan Barnes returns from war and Natalia Romanova is a dancer commissioned from the Bolshoi Ballet to dance in The Empire City.❞ cover by @sincertal ©voidriddles | 2016

  • The Weight of The World 。 Peter Parker [1]
    6.4M 250K 47

    THE WEIGHT OF THE WORLD. ❝𝘼 𝙛𝙞𝙧𝙚 𝙛𝙞𝙣𝙙𝙨 𝙖 𝙝𝙤𝙢𝙚 𝙞𝙣 𝙢𝙚.❞ BOOK ONE IN THE FLORENCE PARSONS SERIES MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE | PETER PARKER/SPIDER-MAN AN AGE OF HEROES STORY ©tinkertaydust | cover by soulofstaars highest ranking in fanfiction #2 [26.07.17] wattpad featured story [11.08.17] wattys2017 sh...

  • The Misadventures of the Avengers: Civil War [HIGH SCHOOL AU]
    1.2K 49 3

    [Book 2 of The Misadventures of the Avengers] Every decade, MARVEL HIGH SCHOOL conducts a month-long camp which houses exactly thirty-six students of all shapes, sizes, and talents. Team leaders Tony and Steve have to be the best they can be to overcome the different obstacles and activities the Council throws in the...

  • Amorem Animalem
    4.9K 413 18

    While investigating a strand of psychic related murder cases in coastal Alabama, Mulder and Scully learn things about each other that they never knew. Be prepared for some good ol' Sculder Fluff and a side of the agents that you've never seen before.

  • Long Nights & Starlight • The X Files
    1K 74 3

    ❝the truth is out there❞ [MULDER x SCULLY AU TEEN!FIC] • [COMING SOON WHEN UNI WORK DIES DOWN IN 2017]

  • Spunky and Spooky
    2.3K 132 3

    It's the 1980s, and Dana Scully is in her junior year, the same year as Fox Mulder. As time passes, the two slowly become friends, and become friends with a few other people as well. But will the two become more than just friends?

  • Quantico: An X Files Origin
    9.6K 460 20

    A 23-year-old Dana Scully finds herself torn between the medical world and the world of federal investigation. She leaps into The FBI training academy, unsure of what it is she truly is getting involved with. A series of events and a run in with powerful men in suits leaves Dana Scully questioning herself and her fait...

  • Between the Files
    1K 55 7

    Did you ever wonder what The X-Files looks like from the "monster's" perspective? I did... But can you guess who's who?

  • Lost + Found [Bucky Barnes] ✓
    550K 24.6K 52

    A post-Captain America: Civil War fanfiction. I'm Chloe Tuominen. I'm just an average girl. An average physical therapist with an average apartment, an average life, and above-average hair. That is, until I'm mugged one night and kill two men with my bare hands. Accidentally, I might add. Suddenly I've been tossed...

  • The Ides of July // Loki - Book 1 ✓
    1.5M 82.9K 77

    Marvel Fanfic Awards Winner: -Best Plot -Best Loki -Best Male Villain -Toughest Character (Anna) BOOK ONE. The world has changed. After aliens invaded New York City and superhumans continue to emerge from the woodwork, society has been forced to accept that which it does not know or understand. Anna, a young...

  • Habit
    1.5K 63 2

    This is a short Clintasha fanfic. Natasha has her habit of cuffing herself to her bed when she sleeps. Red room drilled it into the girls heads when they were younger. Clint is now trying to break her habit. [hope you enjoy it. It's short yes, but hope you like it.]

  • The Persistence of Loss
    1.2K 67 1

    He has nothing. He lets Steve take him home, meets Natasha and Sam. Everyone tries to help, but no one understands, and he cannot find the words. His memories return when he dreams and he finally finds a reason to speak. (One-shot, implied Winter/Widow).

  • absolute zero | buckynat
    30.8K 1.3K 12

    SENTIMENT, WIDOW, HAS TAKEN MORE LIVES THAN EVEN YOU HAVE. [ buckynat fanfiction; post avengers: age of ultron ]

  • Civil War || WinterWidow
    3.4K 111 2

    She remembers everything. Does he? ----------- Basically my fantasy between Bucky and Nat in civil war

  • Budapest
    117K 4.7K 38

    "Just like Budapest all over again." "You and I remember Budapest very differently"

  • Budapest » [Clintasha]
    368K 20.6K 68

    ~ W A T T P A D F E A T U R E D ~ A Natasha Romanoff & Clint Barton origin story. ❝My name is Natalia Alianovna Romanova and I work for the KGB. But my life is something of a lie. I work for no one. I work for myself. And I always work alone. I have a very specific skill set. I have charm. I have wit. I have sex...

  • Things only Whovians will understand
    296K 16.9K 47

    Fellow whovians listen up! in this book, i will tell you things you may not have realized and other things that make my fan-girl mode activate, enjoy :D

  • Never Surrender | Captain America
    16.6K 580 11

    "We've both been through a lot, Hilary. We lost a lot of people along the way, but that never stopped us. Even when we were down, we never gave up; We never surrendered." When Hilary Coulson loses her parents in an accident, she goes four years later to live with her uncle, Phil Coulson, after he offers her a job as a...

  • A Casual Affair
    2.8K 102 1

    Natasha should have known it was too much to expect her life to be normal (too many people know who she is now), but she's going to take a break from it all for a while. Live a nice quiet life being haunted by her past. Until she comes home to find a ghost with a metal arm sitting at her table, and has to face who he...

  • Widow's discovery
    296 16 1


  • Things Bucky Barnes Doesn't Do Well
    4.9K 305 18

    The Winter Soldier was a perfect asset and it's been a long time since he's had to learn something new. Now, in Avengers Tower with Steve and some new friends, he learns how to deal with: pop culture, fashion, online dating, go-kart racing, paintball, and more! A series of (generally fluffy) vignettes from user prompt...

  • Functional
    21K 892 15

    The Red Room produces the greatest assassins in history. The Winter Soldier is brought in to train the Black Widows, and Natalia Romanova quickly comes to his attention. After both are punished for humanizing the perfect weapon, they meet again outside of Odessa as enemies. Years later, Natasha helps Steve Rogers reha...

  • Skating Around the Truth Who I Am
    4.7K 165 2

    Natasha Romanoff goes to live in Avengers Tower when everyone else does, even if that includes a certain metal-armed assassin who has shot her twice. She's less than thrilled when he starts going on missions with them, but he's an excellent partner. It's almost as though he knows what she's going to do, and she begins...

  • A Sorta Fairytale
    51.9K 1.6K 22

    Natasha Romanoff is a world-class spy and Avenger, but she's starting to doubt her place in the world. Tensions are high when she is called in to rescue a new teammate who got himself captured, and more so when he's made her partner on her next mission. An old friend from the Red Room has resurfaced and she'll need...

  • Just Some Friends From Brooklyn!
    8.2K 406 23

    This the origin story of Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes' friendship, starting with my version of how they first met. The beginning of the line, if you will. You're in for some fights, trouble, and a lot of fun all set in Depression Era NYC! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **I kept their relationship fraternal, as that i...

  • Not Just My Instructor: A Winter Widow Fanfiction
    19.4K 464 13

    Natalia Romanova has jumped from place to place, all her life, and through all of this, she has learned not to get attached, because you end up losing the one you love. This is best shown through James Buchanan Barnes, her love in the Red Room. When they get ripped apart, she is heartbroken, and when they find each ot...

  • Night In The Woods
    3K 146 4

    Mae Borowski, called The Killer by some, is an anthropomorphic cat that drops out of college to get her old life back. But the people around her changed, and she wasn't ready for it. But that's nor the only problem. Something lurks deep in the woods, sacraficing people. Killing people. Hurting people. ATTENTIO...

  • no way out | barnes
    20.9K 896 37

    "you don't smile because you're happy, child. you smile to cover the unhappiness." • { disclaimer : I do not own the marvel franchise, the characters, movie/comic/novel plot lines, or rights to any trademark due to marvel. I own my original plot lines and my original characters and backgrounds. plagiarism is a crime...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Red Room
    4.1K 72 12

    This journal belongs to: Natalia Alianovna Romanova