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  • Pokemon Oneshots
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    Oneshots from the game, anime, and manga. Posted every Tuesday and Thursday. *artwork and characters are not mine!

  • Angela's OneShots
    54.3K 2.1K 41

    This book will gather all my Pokemon OneShots. It will include many shippings. Enjoy reading! *3*

  • Pokémon Band Adventure (on Hiatus)
    7.7K 141 8

    Four normal girls (May, Misty, Dawn, and Leaf) go on an "adventure" of a lifetime and meet four famous boys (Drew, Ash, Paul, and Gary) who are a part of the band 'Bad Boyz' even though they really aren't bad... The girls are forced to tryout as background singers for the boy's band but will they make it or will they...

  • Secret School (DISCONTINUE!)
    5.3K 242 47

    May, Dawn, Misty, Leaf and KK are going to a new school called weaponisation academy but also have lots of music. When these five girls met other five boys standing in their way what will happen? What journey will they go? KK and the boys have lots of secrets together but KK has more. Will the secrets come out or will...

  • The Carriers of Salvation {1}
    18.9K 789 41

    1st book in the Legendary Protector's series. 1. The Carriers of Salvation 2. Bringing Restoration A few years after coming home from her journeys+, Dawn sets off on another one, one that will most likely change her life drastically. She meets up with three others and together they set off. Though things take a...

  • A Halloween Of Stones
    164 6 1

    October 31st brings out all the little ghost in this family, a Meowth, a Scrafty, a Duskull. Not to mention a cute little Bellossom and one grumpy Braviary.

  • 〜Ikarishipping; "Dawn, I love you."〜
    11K 303 10

    Paul likes Dawn, but she's dating someone else, Ash Ketchum. When Dawn and Ash get in a fight, Paul is there to comfort her, Ash gets mad, so Dawn agrees to do anything he wants. Ash decided to drag her out and take her somewhere they could do anything. Will Paul save her in time, or will that something happen? Read a...

  • Pokémon Fanfiction : The Safety Of The Jewel Of Life
    10.9K 438 42

    In a land far, far away lies kingdom of 'fiore'.this nation was peaceful until a mysterious organization enter and ruined it. ........But this kingdom wasn't THAT weak to tolerate such evil deeds. They formed a party called 'The Divine Justice' who will fight against this evil organization to protect this nation. No...

  • Music And Love
    15.1K 425 12

    They all went to high school together. But haven't seen each other since. Dawn becomes a solo famous, rising singer. May too. Leaf and Misty sing Duets together. Paul and the others are in a band. May and Dawn meet up and meet up with Misty and Leaf. They join the band. At a huge concert the girls end up having to...

  • Music to my Heart
    4.5K 153 6

    The girls had their heartbroken by the 4 boys they loved. Now their in a band called Teardrop and loving a life of stardom. They take a year off work to have a break. What happens if they meet the 4 boys again? How will they react? Has Contestshipping, Ikarishipping, Oldrivalshipping, and Pokeshipping! Disclaimer: I d...

  • Paul's Humiliation
    1.2K 12 3

    Dawn refuses to leave Paul alone. It unravels after she cuts his hair, and Ash's offense.

  • His Kissable Lips
    1.3K 56 1

    Ikarishipping Day >.< yay!!

  • Pokemon Highschool
    1.9K 65 5

    A tomboy, an idiot, a drama queen, and a stubborn girl. How can they live if 4 boys are ruining there true self? Wait....THEY HAVE TO SING TO LIVE! This will be interesting.

  • How Appauling! {Ikarishipping Oneshot}
    2K 88 1

    Paul's acting appauling... And Dawn would like to know why. This is my first ikarishipping oneshot, hope you guys will like it! ;)

  • All Alone (BEING EDITED)
    57.4K 2.7K 48

    Four years. Four insufferable years. That's how long I was trapped in that place. Four years. But, it's only a memory now. Just a memory. And that's all I've wanted ever since I was sent there. Now, I wander the world, beating gyms and gathering badges. It's not a terrible life. Except, I have no one. No one I can rel...

  • Love Academy
    22.7K 460 22

    4 girls with the names of May,Misty, Leaf, and Dawn along with their soon to be boyfriends named Drew, Ash, Gary, and Paul have a lot to face. They have to hide their powers from the world. Hiding them in school is hard but trying to be normal teenagers is even harder.It shouldn't be this hard right? Their secrets hav...

  • What They Don't Know Won't Hurt Them
    1.1K 37 1

    Great of all people for me to run into while he was in the state he was just had to be her, this Troublesome girl Ikairshipping day oneshot

  • Crystal Lily Academy
    10.4K 400 10

    In the Pokemon world Leaf, Misty, May and Dawn are high ranked assassins to protect 4 boys and find the schools secrets. Doing all this with Team rocket on their backs. Crystal Lily Academy is a boarding school for people with supernatural powers. Will Team Rocket get the boys? Why do they need them? Will the girls fa...

  • Dawn and paul love story (Discontinued)
    4.7K 60 14

    This story is about dawn and Paul. There is a little bit of contestshipping and pokeshipping. So if u are a fan of these shippings this is your type of book.

  • Ikarishipping One-Shot: Something will be born
    350 9 2

    Happens after Paul said his famous line of "When another life meets another life, something will be born." Make-out session 0.0

  • Fate's Irony
    2.2K 99 4

    Fate hated him, and yet the irony was that it brought him his only happiness when it paired him up with his polar opposite. Ikarishipping short story

  • Our lovely Girls
    5K 91 8

    There were two popular guys they are Andrew and Paul And unpopular girls they are May and Dawn This two girls are always bullied by popular gang one day Andrew and Paul realized what they have done and starting to have feelings for this two girls ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ READ IT AND FIND OUT PEEPS ^_^

  • [ONGOING]Crimson Heroes (Ikarishipping)
    2.3K 149 24

    Seventeen year old Paul Blackwell has an uncanny relationship with death. His family died when he was born. And three succeeding families that tried to adopt him all died as well. Wherever he goes, people just die around him. He ran away from his foster home to know what he really is, only to find out that he shouldn...

  • Project Partners
    601 6 1

    Dawn and Paul have been assigned as partners, what could possibly go wrong? LEMON

  • Foster Home
    9.7K 351 13

    ~The world is not what we dream it would be. What we thought or hoped it would be. With murder, pain, crimes against humanity, crimes against human nature, beyond crimes of hell. The world outside is not the one we read about in the books or the stories we were told by our parents. When we thought we could live foreve...

  • Pokemon music of love
    7.4K 322 21

    Dawn may misty and leaf got into a music school and they are a band fall in love with the boys you get the deal haha I hope you like it

  • Your Lies and White Roses [Contestshipping Story]
    16.6K 521 13

    Pokemon Fanfiction | Your Lies And White Roses | Contestshipping, Leafgreenshipping, Ikarishipping and Pokeshipping | Book 1 of 3 of the Hell's Society Trilogy May Maple, Leaf Green, Dawn Berlitz, and Misty Waterflower all have many things in common. All had their hearts broken, have super powers and all are in the sa...

  • BanetteGirl's Pokemon Oneshot Lemon Book!
    4.6K 21 4

    Hey my little ghostlings, I've been wanting to do a Pokemon Oneshot book so here it is all my fav shipping in my own little Lemon Oneshot book. :3333 So beware of lemony goodness!

    Completed   Mature
  • Royal Elements
    7.2K 191 5

    Leaf, Misty, May and Dawn have a mission to find who rightfully owns the 8 crowns on the Royal thrown. A evil is stirring while they try to complete the mission. Will they be able to complete the mission or withe the evil beat them first? Find out as they take on Drama Queens, Bad guys and the occasional boy friend...