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  • « Know What I Want » // fillie
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    "So far, the best thing I've learned in life is to not give a single fuck about what someone else thinks of you. You're one of a kind, dollface."

  • bought : fillie
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    'I'll pay you to date my son, Millie brown.' 'How much?'

  • say you're just a friend - fillie
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    "You're blushing..." "Don't hide it."

  • Without You //Mileven
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    ***Keep in mind that this fanfic was written before season 2 was out*** Eleven has been missing for a year. Lucas, Dustin and Will thinks El is dead, but Mike knows El won't break a promise. One day the boys decide to take a walk in the woods, when they see Chief Hopper doing some suspicious things. After chapter 70...

  • I've Already Told You Everything // Stranger Things
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    Mike Wheeler: 18 years old. Works a uninteresting job at a dive restaurant not far from his home. No more than 10 people enter the restaurant a day. But, one day, out of those slim 10 people, a familiar face stumbles through the doors.

  • trust » fillie
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    [completed] "and that is how i fell in love with millie bobby brown." © damndanvers 2016-2017