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  • identity v chats
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    Pls don't copy the nicknames And I oop

  • IDV oneshots (Requests Closed)
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    Idk I just thought this would help me with my writing skills umm.... anything just pls no smut pls I beg of you I can't write smut ok thank u

  • The Prince and the Servant (Joseph x Aesop) [Royalty AU]
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    In a world where power and fortune are the most important qualities of a person, Joseph Desaulniers, a French prince, more often addressed as Prince Joseph, lived out his days in his castle, carrying out whatever princely duties he was required to participate in until he becomes the next ruler of his country. Betrothe...

  • Take a Peek
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    (( IDV FANFICTION )) Joseph Desaulnier is a hunter. He is popularly known as the photographer. And being a photographer means he should have a camera with him. But the problem is, his camera is broken. He does not want the Mad Eyes to fix it. Fearing that something might happen to his beloved camera. He then finally d...

  • Confide In Me
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    An Eli x Aesop Fanfic based on the character's lore When Aesop came to the manor, the moment he had laid eyes on Eli Clark, he knew that he would never be able to look away. However, Eli has a fiancee who is anxiously waiting for his return from the manor and most importantly, who he loves with all his heart.

  • Forbidden Love (Joseph x Aesop) {Completed}
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    "We can't be together, it's against the rules..." said Aesop, a few streaks of tears trailing down his cheeks. "I don't care if it's forbidden, Aesop. I love you and that's all that matters," replied Joseph while holding on to Aesop ever so tightly, as if he let his grip loose, he'd lose Aesop forever. This is my fir...

    Completed   Mature
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    "But I'm a mess." "No. No one is a mess here but this world." Joseph Desaulniers had once been everyone's average happy boy. Wealthy and happy family. A strong and unbreakable bond with them all. But it was all no more since he lost everything. His twin brother. Love is what he needed despite the feeling of loathe goi...

  • +°Identity V Oneshots°+
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    Me: *is currently making a story* Also me: haha oneshots lemon is fine I'll take ANYTHING

  • Identity V Chats
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    This is just a chat that was created by a handsome ripper~ *cough not really handsome cough* Pairings that will be in this chat: Jack x Naib Joseph x Aesop Hastur x Eli White x Black Michiko x Helena (There may or may not be other pairings as well) All the characters in this chat are not mine! Credits go to NetEase! *...