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    Aw crap. Someone stole Nikki Sixx's hairspray. In a frantic attempt to find it, he drags his band and Guns N' Roses along. Who knows who took it? Not me. I mean, we do know whoever did it isn't very bright. And for some reason not to my knowledge, everyone's a little...insane...

  • Curly Haired Dream
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    17 year old Michelle gets adopted by Izzy Stradlin of Guns n' Roses but Slash falls for her. Will this cause a new relationship or stress between the band?

  • The Untold Drama
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    Ever wonder what happened in the personal life of Rock N Roll's biggest drama queen? Who rocked his world before Erin Everly and Stephanie Seymour? What was that one good thing that helped him through the challenging teenaged and young adult years that he struggled with before he made it big? This is the untold story...

  • Guns N' Roses
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  • World On Slash
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    Montserrat is a 15 year old girl that lives all alone in a dangerous place and she has a huge obsession on the famous guitarist,Slash, and she decides to risk her life to go to Los Angeles, California just to see Saul Hudson. Will she able to meet Slash before it's too late? Or Will she get her dreams destroyed by th...

  • Book 3: You Don't Want My Love (Slash FanFic)
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    Guns N'Roses continues their rise to fame after the release of their latest albums, 'Use Your Illusion I & II'. Unfortunately for the band's infamous guitarist Slash, a new album means more time on the road-bad news for a man with pet snakes waiting for him back home! In search of the perfect care taker, Slash initial...

  • Holy wars - Fight fire with fire James Hetfield Dave Mustaine
    15.9K 371 22

    Tracy has a troubled relationship with her boyfriend Dave abuse, drugs, jealousy, cheating. She faces hardships everyday until she is saved my someone unexpected

  • She's A Fan
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    Rosalie, better known as Rosebud, has always been a rebel and a loner. But when she meets the lead guitarist of Guns N' Roses and falls head-over-heels in love, her world as she knows it changes completely. Guns N' Roses. 1987 - onward.

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  • Love and Guns N' Roses
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    Dylan's favourite band was Guns N Roses. What happens when she meets her favourite band, And more importantly when she meets Slash?

  • Axl's Little Sister
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    "I envy Bill for getting out of this place! He's probably better off wherever he is now!" • Guns N' Roses & others •

  • Torn
    37.8K 1.9K 50

    Torn. Torn between two men. Torn between the man she loves and his addiction. Torn between her own life and her love for her sister. It seems around every corner, Wynn is torn.

  • Since I Don't Have You // Axl Rose
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    Fanfiction 🌈

  • Louder Than Words ✨ Guns N' Roses
    7.8K 305 10

    Sometimes silence holds more meaning than even the lengthiest of speeches. It's something Steph must learn when she moves to Los Angeles to pursue a career in writing, reconnecting with a certain hot-headed childhood friend of hers, and more importantly, meeting the curly-headed stranger with a mysterious ineptitud...

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    Blair Miller is bestfriends with all the Guns'n roses members. She lives with them and believes in everything they do. What happens when one of the guys falls in love with her? Will she go for it or will she take a step back.

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  • Guns N' roses 🌹 would you rather
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    This is basically would you rather but with GN'R Themed Questions

  • Dreams
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    The cold, the snow... I've been waiting for a dream to make me escape. I've been hearing a familiar melody every night, but the dream just doesn't come. I've been living in this isolated, freezing cold place for a really long time, I don't even know how long. But one day, an almost frozen man shows up at my door, and...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Guns n' Roses Girl
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    Bella's had a hard life, but when a certain band finds her, things might be looking up for the lonely guitarist.

  • Twisted
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    19 year old Amy Shannon is just a normal girl: that is until she gets to go see her favorite band, Metallica, on concert. She thinks that this is going to be an average concert, but little does she know, this concert is going to change her whole life.

  • More Than A Feeling (Slaxl)
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    The band goes to record in the studio and Axl's in a bad mood. Slash tries to help him but Axl lashes out. Axl storms off and goes missing for days. (Slaxl) I do not own Guns N' Roses.

  • Guns N' Roses: Short Stories: Sluff
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    I'M GOING TO HELL OOPS - short stories about my fave rock n roll couple - If you like these, but want something a little more long and tear-jerky, there's another fic I'm collaborating on with a bunch of people that you can find on my account. Enjoy!

  • Through The Eyes Of
    20.9K 1K 91

    A Guns n Roses story told through the eyes of each and every Gunner. Come with us and get lost in the world through their eyes ! It's their story with major twists and turns and ups and downs.

  • Just One Look.
    27.9K 855 19

    "Are you afraid sometimes, afraid cause' you don't know where you belong?" It's a story about youth. Youth and love and the feeling of indestructibility in a world full of expectations. Slaxl.

  • Confidence or More | Slaxl
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    Slash loves Axl. Is it too obvious? JUST A DRABBLE. RP. AU. OoC. Fluff/WAFF.

  • Band One-Shots
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    One shot requests closed for now. :)

  • So, Ya Like Coffee? (Slaxl Fanfic)
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    Axl is a rock n roll bad boy. Slash is a pastel book nerd. They could never fall in love... right?

  • And the love we shared \\ Slaxl
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    "Slash. Since we met, I can't get you out of my mind. You mean the world to me, I need you to be mine. I love you." Axl bit his lip and looked up, just to see himself in the mirror.

  • Makeup and girls (GNR FANFIC)
    9.4K 397 11

    Some random ass crack fic Guns N' Roses is turned into girls by Skid Row. Some other band(s) come in and you'll see what happens Also the timeline is fucked but it's a fanfic so who cares.

  • Walk All Over You
    236K 9K 75

    Suzie-Q, a beautiful woman with the self esteem worse then a shy child, friends with Mötley Crüe and even closer friends with Nikki Sixx; whom she has feelings for. When she is taken on tour with the guys and finds out the band would be touring with one she despised, what will happen? Will her bad memories of that ban...

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  • Rocket Queen
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    you're a young chick that's livin' on the edge in the 1980s. you think that nothing can tie you down. as you're dancing down the sunset strip, you come across some guys who turn out to be in a rock band. one of them catches your eye and let's just say that it gets a little crazy from there...